1 Second Everyday is a video diary that makes it easy to take your day-to-day moments and create a meaningful movie of your life. It’s a home for all your notable memories, not just the Insta-worthy. Get started with 1SE today!

2x winner of the “Best Use of a Mobile Camera” WEBBY Award.
Featured by Apple, BBC, TED, CNN, Fast Company and more!

"For over 6 years, I've been recording 1 second every day, so I'll never forget another day ever again. This project has had such a positive impact on my life. This lead to the development of 1 Second Everyday; which makes it easy for anyone to do this too. Being able to relive every single day has provided me with a treasured perspective on life. It holds me accountable for making each day notable. When I turn 40, I'll have a 1-hour compilation that encapsulates my 30s. If I live to see 80 years of age, I'll have a 5-hour video that summarizes 50 years of my life."

- Cesar Kuriyama, 1SE Founder

Why 1SE is awesome:

- AD FREE: 1SE is free to use without ads!

- AUTO-FILL: Don't know where to start? Roll the dice and auto-fill your days with ease!

- ROTATE & FILL THE FRAME: Pesky vertical videos? Begone! Lopsided videos ruining your mash? No more! You can rotate and fill the frame to your heart's content.

- UNLIMITED MASHING: Make 1SE videos of any custom length. Monthly, seasonal, or the past 5 years. You're in control.

- 2 KINDS OF PROJECTS: Start out with two different styles of projects, ‘Freestyle’ for events or trips and ‘Timeline’ for a classic day to day video diary.

- NOTES: Take note of your day and leave a private message for yourself.

- REMINDERS: Set up friendly creative reminders, so you never forget a day!

- PRIVACY: Your seconds are never shared with anyone unless you decide to do it.

Our core app is free to use but if you want to help support our growing team while gaining access to more features try 1SE Pro!

- Unlimited backup: Secure your life’s most precious memories and never loss them again!
- Unlimited projects: Create as many Freestyle or Timeline projects as you want.
- Multiple snippets a day: Up to two separate snippets in a day.
- Longer snippets: Capture up to 3 seconds per snippet!
- Add music: Gain access to royalty-free songs and add some music to your mashes!
- Brightness: Edit the shadows and exposure with our updated snippet selector.
- Remove 1SE Branding: Remove the date and logo at the end of your videos.

Pro & Subscription FAQ: https://help.1se.co/pro-faq
Privacy Policy: https://1se.co/privacy/
Terms of Use: https://1se.co/terms-service

We love your feedback and appreciate your reviews. Reach out to us at support@1secondeveryday.com

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バージョン 3.3.1

New and exciting updates:

• You can now sign in with Apple on iOS 13! Much easier and streamlined!

• We have a snazzy new look for the calendar that works better with portrait videos and is a bit calmer on the eyes. You're welcome! It was also rewritten from the ground up and scrolls way smoother, especially on older devices. Enjoy!

• Pro members: we’ve added a few fresh tunes for the holidays. Check them out!

• Subtle improvements to the camera to make it fit better in portrait orientation.

We would love to hear any and all feedback. Please email your questions, ideas, or words of encouragement to support@1secondeveryday.com, or look for Contact Support in the settings screen in the app. Happy to help.

We live and die by reviews, your reviews. If we've provided a great experience and helped you live a better life, please give us a 5-star review and let others know how awesome 1SE is!





from google photo

i was able to pick photo/video from google photo before. Is not there anymore? please add that again.


Unfortunately, picking directly from google photos has never been an option on the iOS version of 1SE. That is something we hope to bring to our users soon!



KuriyamaさんのTEDをきっかけに1年半以上使っています!撮りたい瞬間にカメラが間に合わなかったり、いろんな事情で撮りたい瞬間に撮影できなかったりして、動画が必ずしもその日のベストな一瞬ではないこともあります。それでも、たった1秒の動画のまとう空気が、その時の気持ちやその前後の状況をも伝えるのです。振り返るのに、最良の日も1秒で足りる。厳しかった日も、1秒だけなら振り返てもいいと思える時が来るような気がします。このアプリの良いところは、そのすべて日の先っぽに今日があるということと、周囲への感謝を再認識できることです^ ^以前はiPhone5s、現在は6plusで目立ったバグなく快適に使えています。





Are you having trouble with adding photos on Freestyle? We're reworking how photos can be used and will be bringing this back to Freestyle. If you're having trouble with a classic timeline please reach out to us. support@1secondeveryday.com and we'll help out!


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