Normally you need a special camera with two lenses to take 3-D photos. Intelligent Gadget's 3-D Movie uses the motion of the camera, or the motion of objects relative to the camera, to generate the 3-D effect. Movies are stored in the device's photo library where they can be played back and viewed using cardboard or other 3-D VR viewers.

Press the camera icon to start capturing a 3-D movie. Press again to stop the movie and store it in the camera roll. To capture moving objects like fish swimming, place the camera on a fixed surface. Or, you can move the camera smoothly left to right or right to left. The faster you move the camera, the greater the 3-D depth.

While capturing a movie, the app automatically determines the camera motion, and renders the movie as two side by side frames. Objects moving in the principal direction of motion appear closer to the viewer while those moving in the opposite direction appear to recede.

Check out the documentation page on our website to view sample 3-D movies.

N.B. 3-D Movie does not record audio.


バージョン 2.2

Updated for newer iOS versions.


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