Make voice and video calls easier—and more securely—with a SIP softphone app that supports rich messaging, push notifications, HD voice and video, and more.

Acrobits Softphone is preconfigured to support many of the most popular providers. Download Acrobits Softphone today to stay connected with friends, family, and coworkers using an app that is built to deliver high-quality communications, a more secure experience, and an intuitive UI.

What can Acrobits Softphone do for you?
High-quality audio. Experience crystal clear communications. We support Opus, G.722, G.729, G.711, iLBC, and GSM audio formats.
HD-quality video. Communicate in up to 720p HD. Our app supports both H.264 and VP8.
SMS and rich messaging. Quickly send SMS or rich messages to your contacts through our app's built-in messaging platform.
Military-grade encryption. Keep your data safe with our private encryption stack that uses SRTP, ZRTP, and TLS.
Reduce your battery drain. Acrobits Softphone supports push notifications, making it easier for you to stay notified without draining your device’s battery.
Seamless call transition. Make calls using WiFi or your data plan. Acrobits Softphone offers seamless transition during the critical handover stage.
Customize your experience. Acrobits Softphone is highly customizable. Customize your SIP settings, the UI, ringtones, and more.
5G-friendly. Take advantage of all the benefits 5G has to offer with an SIP softphone that’s built for 5G.
Multi-device compatibility. Acrobits Softphone is compatible with most Apple smartphones and tablets.
No hidden fees. Don’t worry about hidden fees or subscriptions. Acrobits Softphone carries a one-time fee.
Lifetime support and updates. Each license of Acrobits Softphone comes complete with lifetime support and unlimited updates.

“The best sip app for iPhone!”

”This is a truly great SIP/VOIP client. Easy to configure, multiple accounts, superior audio quality, mic boost, volume boost...it's got it all.”

“Thanks to this app, I got VOIP working perfectly (...) sound quality is way better than I was expecting. The Softphone is entirely intuitive”

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バージョン 5.9.30

- updated Strings





Unshown account name that gets call

I have three accounts of IP Phone Service. In previous version, I can get which account get a call because the app shows it. But after updating, the app shows only phone number that I have call. Is it depends on my setting? If not, please fix it. I need this function because I have multi accounts.


The app should show account name automatically if there is more than one account. Please contact us at support@acrobits.net , I am sure we'll figure it out.



例: 番号A/着信番号or 番号B/着信番号



着信音設定が機能しません Ring tone setting does not work


I set the ringtone to the maximum in the application. However, if the iPhone's volume is the lowest, the ringtone does not sound.

CHINA MOBILEのSIMを入れていると設定からCallKitをONにするボタンが消えてCallKitを使うことができない。

CallKit can not be used in CHINA MOBILE's SIM
If CHINA MOBILE SIM is inserted, the button to turn on CallKit from setting disappears and you can not use CallKit.


We would love to offer CallKit to our Chinese users, but Chinese Ministry of Industry and Information Technology issued a regulation which prohibits CallKit use. This regulation is enforced by Apple and there is nothing we can do about it.





  • 連絡先情報
  • ID
  • 診断



  • ファミリー共有


  • Siri