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AltPay Business Solutions transforms your mobile device into a comprehensive banking hub. Tailored for businesses, our app simplifies bank account management and financial transactions, ensuring efficiency and security in every operation.
We've designed our mobile banking app specifically for small businesses and start-ups to help them grow quickly with the prime financial tools.

Online business accounts that grow as you scale:
- Effortless Transactions: Conduct secure business payments with ease. AltPay facilitates smooth financial operations, from supplier payments to employee reimbursements.
- Comprehensive Wallet Management: Our redesigned wallet organizes all your cards in one place, with detailed reports and quick access controls for payments, currency exchange, and top-ups.
- Expense Tracking: Monitor your financial flows with our advanced tracking features. Gain insights into your expenditures and optimize your spending.
- Secure and Fast Payments: Prioritize the security of your transactions with our advanced encryption and fraud detection systems.
- Collaboration Tools: Streamline financial operations with multi-user access, allowing your team to collaborate efficiently and securely.

Manage your money and spending:
- Spend with your Business Visa card with no purchase fees.
- Use your mobile banking account card anywhere in the world.
- Get a clear overview of your account balance and transactions in seconds.
- Set up an account and send payments easily at the touch of a button - anytime, anywhere.
- Set up and process scheduled payments with just a few taps of your finger.

Keep track of your expenses and outgoings:
- Paper expense claims and petty cash are a thing of the past - order up to 100 expense cards for your team members and manage everything in the app.
- Upload a document of your outgoing payments - everything is stored digitally.
- Receive an app notification every time you make or receive a payment in your online AltPay account.

Stay in control with easy card management:
- Block your card if you lose it and unblock it when you find it again.
- Access your card's PIN in the app - safely and securely - if you forget it.
- Order a free replacement card with just a few taps if you lose your card.

We want to support small businesses by saving them time and money. That's why we offer a mobile bank account and paid plans with lots of features for those who need them
AltPay offers online bank accounts (AltPay® Ltd is authorised by the Financial Conduct Authority; registration number 900878).
Save money with the AltPay mobile banking account.

Are you ready for a smart online bank account? Sign up today in just a few minutes.
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バージョン 2.4.0

This update includes minor bug fixes and UI/UX enhancements: correcting text alignment, updating translations, and resolving overlapping elements. We've ensured proper display of all cards, added missing pop-up windows, and improved the font size for better readability. Additionally, we've updated the support tab link, introduced a new version update screen, and added a contact support option for blocked wallets.


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