AnkiMobile is a mobile companion to Anki, a powerful, intelligent flashcard program that is free, multi-platform, and open-source. Sales of this app support the development of both the computer and mobile version, which is why the app is priced as a computer application.

AnkiMobile offers some features not found in other flashcard apps:

- A free cloud synchronization service that lets you keep your card content synchronized across multiple mobile and computer devices. This makes it easy to add content on a computer and then study it on your mobile, easily keep your study progress current between an iPhone and iPad, and so on.
- The same proven scheduling algorithm that the computer version of Anki uses, which reminds you of material as you're about to forget it.
- A flexible interface designed for smooth and efficient study. You can set up AnkiMobile to perform different actions when you tap or swipe on various parts of the screen, and control which actions appear on the tool buttons.
- Comprehensive graphs and statistics about your studies.
- Support for large card decks - even 100,000+ cards.
- If your cards use images or audio clips, the media is stored on your device, so you can study without an internet connection.
- A powerful search facility that allows you to find cards that match criteria such as 'tagged high priority, answered in the last ten days and not containing the following words', and automatically place them into a deck to study.
- Support for displaying mathematical equations with MathJax, and rendering LaTeX created with the computer version.

Please note that AnkiMobile is currently intended as a companion to the computer version of Anki, rather than a complete replacement for it. While AnkiMobile is able to display your cards in the same way the computer version does, certain changes like modifying note types need to be done with the computer software. For this reason, please familiarize yourself with the computer version of Anki before you think about buying this app.

Please also note that while you can use almost any language on your cards, AnkiMobile's user interface is only available in English and Simplified Chinese at the moment.

Aside from the cloud synchronization service, AnkiMobile also supports copying decks to and from your device via the USB cable and iTunes.

Like all apps, AnkiMobile can be purchased once and then used on multiple devices in a household using the same Apple ID. Family sharing is also supported. For information on bulk discounts for educational institutions, please see Apple's Volume Purchase Program.

For more information on AnkiMobile, including a link to the online manual, please have a look at the support page: http://ankisrs.net/docs/AnkiMobile.html

If you have any questions or want to report an issue, please let us know on our support site and we'll get back to you as soon as possible.


バージョン 2.0.52


- On iPads running iOS 13, you can now add hand-drawn images to your cards.
- Two-finger hold on a drawn image to edit it.
- Show total+selected count in browse screen.
- Reduced double tap threshold, and added option in preferences to configure.
- Disable screen lock when auto-advancing.
- Fix some card templates showing up blank.
- Fix deck and note type selector in legacy editor.
- Fix congrats screen showing at wrong size.
- Fix cursor in editor sometimes not appearing in visible area.
- Fix importing of shared decks when V2 scheduler enabled.
- Fix a crash in the graphs screen.

Language problems? Please see

If you run into any issues with the update, please let us know on https://help.ankiweb.net

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- Improve flicker/slow image display.
- Improve text selection in editor.
- Add "Reset Cards" action in browse screen.
- Use decimal points for months/years on answer buttons.
- Fix "Change Deck" not working in Browse screen.
- Fix a number of crashes.
- Ignore accidental double taps in review screen.
- Turn off smart quotes in card template editor.


- Added a Chinese translation - a big thank you to 康志鼎 for the hard work!
- Add option to override dark mode on iOS 13.
- Night mode button in study screen toggles forcing on/off on iOS 13 now.
- Add option in Preferences>General to switch back to the legacy editor.
- Fix edit view and study view not resizing when window split.
- Fix bold/italic/underline keyboard shortcuts in editor.
- Fix top bar buttons appearing as 'add' instead of 'off' on new installs.
- Fix 'set due' not working from deck list->browser->editor.
- Fix some rows in preference screen not respecting system font size.
- Fix text appearing under keyboard in various screens.
- Fix text not scaling in preview screen on iPad.
- Fix .mobile and .ipad on iPadOS.
- Don't allow moving cards in a filtered deck in the browse screen.
- Preserve formatting when pasting/dragging between fields.
- Show keyboard shortcuts when holding down command key in editor.
- Port a fix to the V2 scheduler from the computer beta.
- Fix preview screen in card template editor not refreshing automatically.
- Remove nbsp from browse search results.


- AnkiMobile now requires iOS 11 or later.
- Support dark mode on iOS 13.
- Improvements to the browse/find screen.
- Improvements to the edit screen.
- Support changing decks from the graphs screen.
- Support importing of downloaded .colpkg files.
- Support hitting enter on a numeric keypad to show answer.
- Warn when Safari can't be opened due to parental controls.
- If learning cards due later today, show the wait time in the finished screen.
- Added a new action to toggle the bottom bar from the study screen.
- Added an option to put scratchpad below the answer buttons.
- The V2 scheduler now fully randomizes review cards due on a given day.
- Fixed keyboard navigation in the editor on iOS 13.
- Fixed opening downloaded .apkg files on iOS 13.
- Fixed crash when cloze deletion is empty.
- Fixed some issues with the V2 scheduler.
- Fixed type answer area truncating text.
- Fixed crash when adjusting daily limits in custom study immediately after importing a deck.
- Fixed an issue updating the badge on the app icon.
- Fixed display of remote images.
- Fixed an occasional crash when switching away from the app while syncing was active.
- Fixed searches for flag:0.
- Fixed current deck changing when canceling creation of a filtered deck.





How do I change interface language?

I don’t know why but the interface language on my iPad had changed into Chinese when I opened the app in the morning. And I can’t figure out how to turn it into English. Help


Please go into your iOS system settings, in General>Language and Region, and make sure English is listed above Chinese.


Great app but the desktop version is still necessary

I’m a long time Anki user. Using Anki has undoubtedly helped me learn in many areas. I think the app is missing some crucial functionality though; specifically an improved search to find my cards (e.g. to browse through tags for example). Also I wish the sync could be done in a more modern way e.g. through iCloud.





Please post on our support site, and I will investigate your issue.


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