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Blackcatcard is a mobile application that offers a European Mastercard thoroughly designed for online and offline purchases and accepted worldwide.

Download the app and register in a few steps. You can start using your virtual card immediately. A plastic prepaid card with the same number will be produced in 24 hours and sent to you by international mail.

Blackcatcard app is your personal money manager available on your smartphone at any time of the day! You don’t need to use a traditional bank card anymore. Blackcatcard is available quickly and free of charge — the BCC standard rate will cost you €0/month!

Opening an account without a card is available worldwide! To apply for a payment card, you need to provide address proof from the EU, EEA countries or Switzerland. It is not necessary to have the citizenship of this country -- we just need your legally proved address! You can register with the phone number of any country and get a plastic card anywhere in the world!

In regards to the new European restrictions, we are currently obliged to ask Russian citizens who reside outside Russia to provide a residence permit as address proof to access SEPA payments. SEPA payments are not available for Russian citizens who reside in Russia.

How to open an account?

1. Download the app from the App Store
2. Fill in the registration form with your personal details and residential address
3. Add the address for a card delivery (can be different from your residential address)
4. Make a selfie and scan your ID
5. Send us a confirmation of your address

Blackcatcard features:

Additional cards: separate your family and personal expenses; make your budgeting look simple and systemised while keeping your costs apart. You can order additional cards with the desired name written on them.

Blackcatcard KIDS: bright card design, specially adapted for children. Electronic pocket money is much easier to manage and harder to lose. With this card, you can set limits on purchases. You will receive a push notification to your phone when a purchase is made. Goods that are prohibited for people under 18 years of age cannot be purchased with this card.

Card management: you can set separate spending limits, track transactions, top up your payment account.

Bonus programs to choose from: get 2.2% annual rate, 2% cashback on Amazon, 5% cashback at Play Market, or 0.1% cashback for all card purchases excluding ATM withdrawals and transfers.

Money transfers: fast and easy SEPA transfers. Additionally, all money transfers between Blackcatcard accounts are limitless and free of charge.

1 IBAN + 1 Card for free: we are not charging any commission if you open an account following standard rate terms. Get a European IBAN and Mastercard and pay €0 / month.

3D Secure: our advanced security feature protects you from online card fraud. Confirm your transactions with a one-time password derived from BCC for easy and quick purchases.

24/7 Customer Support: unlike many other companies, we provide an expert team fully focused on your needs. Our employees are trained to the highest standards to ensure we resolve any issues that might occur.

Transfer money abroad, make purchases online and offline, and enjoy!
We take care of the security and protection of your data. BCC is collecting, using and processing your personal data in accordance with European General Data Protection Regulations. We use advanced measures to keep information secure.

BCC is not a bank and does not offer banking services.


バージョン 1.2.28

1. Changed the Top up account screen
2. Added the possibility to work with other accounts if the account is in the "Blocked by the regulator" status
3. Added the ability to confirm purchases at online stores using biometrics
4. Fix bugs


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