The Canvas app requires a 2020 iPad Pro (with LiDAR), or a compatible iPad with Occipital's Structure Sensor 3D sensor accessory.

Meet Canvas, the fastest, easiest way to create a scale-accurate 3D model of a home — all from your iPad. We help you "skip ahead to the fun part" on every home improvement project.

Instead of capturing one measurement at a time, Canvas captures thousands per second, and then combines them into a single 3D representation of the space. You can view your 3D model from any angle, measure between any two points, and revisit it any time.

Our Scan To CAD service takes your 3D model one step further: for a small fee per model, you can convert your scans into editable, layered, professional-grade CAD files and jump right into design, quoting, or other planning in a variety of industry-standard programs. All your measurements will be built right into the model, including the ones you never thought you'd need. We recommend scanning on a room by room basis, but you can merge your scans into a single model of the entire property.

Scan To CAD can output SketchUp, Revit, Chief Architect, 2020 Design Live 3D CAD files as well as 2D floor plans in PDF and AutoCAD formats. From there, you can make structural changes, change materials and decoration, and even create high-quality 3D renders. If you just want to use the scan from Canvas, you can export it easily as a .OBJ file.

Canvas is trusted by thousands of home improvement professionals: design-build firms, kitchen and bath remodelers, general contractors, architects, interior designers, and more. Here's what they say:

"Canvas allows us to bring the job site back to the office." - Kyle Meyer, Black Timber Builders

"I was able to use the 3D model from Canvas to raise a possible installation issue to my contractor, avoiding at least 2 months of delay." - Mike Balzer, Homeowner and DIYer

"It allows me to take on more clients than I would otherwise be able to." - Noz Nozawa, Noz Design

"I don't know what you all did differently with this application, but it FAR exceeds anything I've ever seen before. You've taken computer vision to a whole new level, and completely blown my expectations out of the water." - Mike McLaughlin, 3D Scanning Enthusiast

"Given that just about every other project starts with as-built modeling, it's easy to see how Canvas can be a game changer." - Mark Harrison, SketchUp

Canvas is a product of Occipital, Inc. By using Canvas, you agree to Occipital's Terms of Service shown here: https://occipital.com/legal/terms.


バージョン 2.5.1

Canvas 2.5.1 has a small update for the in-app help and a fix for a rare uploading bug.

Canvas 2.5 introduces new pricing based on square footage!

Original per-room pricing was introduced back in 2016 when Canvas worked exclusively with Structure Sensor, which was able to scan only a single room at a time. With Canvas + LiDAR you can now capture an entire house in a single scan. Ordering a multi-room scan required us to count rooms and ask users to pay for the extra rooms after the order, which caused frustration and delays.

The new sqft-based pricing solves this inconvenience. It also allows you to estimate the Scan To CAD price easily before scanning since square footage is often approximately known, but it's harder to estimate the number of rooms in the space or the number of scans required to capture the space.

Finally, the new pricing is the same for any 3D CAD output format whether it's SketchUp, Revit, Chief Architect, or 2020 Design Live. And with the new lower minimums it has become even more attractive for scanning smaller spaces like bathrooms.


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