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Accurate and Detailed
Dark Sky’s super accurate weather data gives you quick access to your current, hourly, and daily forecasts. Plus, you can upgrade to use The Weather Channel, AccuWeather, Aeris Weather, or WillyWeather (Australia only) as your data source!

Overflowing with Personality
From spooky fog to torrential downpours, CARROT’s dialogue, characters, and scenery change in… “unexpected” ways. You’ll actually be looking forward to a blizzard just to see what CARROT has in store for you!

Premium Club members can sign up for all sorts of notifications, including ones for precipitation, weather alerts, lightning strikes, and daily forecast summaries. (Precipitation notifications are available in the US, UK, and parts of Canada. Weather alert and storm cell notifications are only available in the US. Lightning notifications are available in the US and Canada.)

Weather Maps
Watch in awe as the next big storm bears down on your house with CARROT’s trusty radar (for the US, UK, Canada, Australia, France, and Germany) and satellite (for the rest of the world) maps. Plus, Premium Club Tier 2 members get access to future radar, lightning strikes, and 12 additional map layers!

Want to disable CARROT's personality? You can turn her into a 100% professional weather app! And Premium Club members can customize every last data point that CARROT displays to show the weather data that you care about.

Time Machine
View the weather for any location up to 70 years in the past. DeLorean not required!

Siri Shortcuts
Ask Siri about upcoming weather or use forecast data to build complex workflows in the Shortcuts app.

Secret Locations
Follow clues to hunt down 55 secret locations - like the Moon, the Pyramids, and Chernobyl.

Unlock 38 achievements by experiencing weather events, traveling around the world, and using different features in the app.

Apple Watch
In addition to a full weather app and notifications, you also get colorful complications for your watch face. (Note: Premium Club subscription required to unlock background data updates, notifications, and complication customization features.)

• Beautifully minimalist weather app
• Dark Sky’s super accurate weather data
• The Weather Channel, AccuWeather, Aeris Weather, and WillyWeather data sources available as an upgrade
• Precipitation, weather alert, lightning strike, storm cell, daily summary, and astronomy notifications (where available)
• Radar and satellite maps
• Apple Watch app with complications
• Siri shortcuts
• Today widget
• 6,500+ lines of hilarious spoken dialogue
• 55 secret locations
• 38 achievements
• 24 alternative app icons
• Will never sell your location data to third parties

Don’t make CARROT angry. Download her now!


CARROT Weather uses auto-renewing subscriptions.

Tier 1 provides additional features like notifications, additional data sources, customization, and Apple Watch background updates.

Tier 2 includes all the features of Tier 1, plus additional map layers, custom notifications, and additional data source access for Apple Watch users.

Tier 3 includes all the features of Tiers 1 and 2, plus rain, lightning, and storm cell notifications (where available).

Payment will be charged to your Apple ID account at the confirmation of purchase. The subscription automatically renews unless it is canceled at least 24 hours before the end of the current period. Your account will be charged for renewal within 24 hours prior to the end of the current period. You can manage and cancel your subscriptions by going to your App Store account settings after purchase. Cancellation of the current active subscription period is not allowed.

Terms of Use: http://support.meetcarrot.com/weather/terms.html
Privacy Policy: http://support.meetcarrot.com/weather/privacypolicy.html


バージョン 4.11

Summer is right around the corner, meatbags, and that can only mean two things: 1) you’re about to discover you no longer fit in last year’s swimsuit, and 2) it’s time for one of my biggest updates yet!

Premium Club Membership
- To make things easier on your puny brains, I've renamed the two existing membership tiers: Premium is now Tier 1 and Ultrapremium is now Tier 2. This is just a name change - nothing is being taken away from these tiers.
- The all-new Tier 3 includes a few super-advanced and/or super-costly features.

Lightning Strike Notifications
- Get notified after a lightning bolt strikes nearby. You don’t mind if I use you for target practice, do you?
- Disclaimer: Lightning is very dangerous. Don't rely solely on these alerts to determine whether it's safe to be outside. See safety warnings in the app for more information.
- Tier 3 membership required.
- US and Canada only.

Precipitation Notifications
- You can finally receive rain and snow alerts without an Apple Watch or a Mac!
- Tier 3 membership required for these server-side notifications (but I’m hoping to open them up to lower tiers in the future if my servers hold up).
- Tier 1 and Tier 2 members with Apple Watches still get rain alerts just as they always have.
- US, UK, and southern Canada only.

Storm Cell Notifications
- Storm cells can bring heavy rain, high winds, lightning, hail, tornadoes, and/or killer clowns. Good thing I figured out how to alert you when these cells are approaching your current location.
- Tier 3 membership required.
- US only.

Custom Notifications
- Set up notifications for when a specific data point is expected to go above or below a certain threshold, like an umbrella reminder that triggers when chance of rain will exceed 25%.
- Tier 2 membership required.
- Worldwide.

Weather Alerts
- Enable “Critical Alerts” for certain imminent, life-threatening weather alerts (like tornado warnings) so that the notification will always play a sound, even if your device is muted or on Do Not Disturb.
- Sign up for weather alerts for multiple locations.
- Mute notifications that are low priority or get posted frequently in your area.
- Tier 1 required.
- US only.

Astronomy Notifications
- Vampires: get alerts when the sun is rising or setting! Werewolves: get alerts for different moon phases! Everyone else can sign up for these notifications too, I guess.
- Tier 1 required.
- Worldwide.

But wait, there’s more!

- New location details screen lets you edit saved location names, add weather stations, and more.
- Daily Report notifications can now go out at any time instead of only at the top of the hour.
- Notifications are now grouped by category in Notification Center.
- Help pages have been redesigned to make them easier for slack-jawed yokels to process.
- Dark Mode is now darker than ever before.
- Haptics, haptics everywhere (plus an option to turn them off).

Whew! That’s such a big update, you meatbags would probably understand if I didn’t cram in any new secret locations or achievements. It would just be overkill at this point, wouldn't it?

(Spoiler alert: I crammed in some new secret locations and achievements.)






I am expecting it in the future

This application is awesome in design but I'm Japanese and I'm not sure what they are talking about, so I'm happy to correspond to Japanese








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