Cash Register Express 4+

Judy Lynn Software, Inc.


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This app is designed to calculate a sale fast and determine change quickly without making mistakes. It is very powerful, yet extremely simple to use. Setting up an item list only takes a minute and can be copied to multiple devices if needed. Additionally setting up a discount and/or sales tax for the sale is a snap. This app supports many currencies and contains powerful features not found in very expensive POS systems.

The design of the app is what makes the sales transaction fast and accurate. The total sale is automatically calculated each time the quantity is changed. Sales totals by item and receipt details are automatically saved.

To calculate change, touch the currency denomination buttons the customer pays with and the app will calculate what bills and coins to give back as change. This eliminates any math errors that could waste time and money.

The free app creates a list of up to 2 items. An in-app purchase will allow up to 108 items.

Team Selling is now available in the app. An example of this would be a school fundraiser where all the students in the school are selling the same items. A master item list is created by the team leader and is distributed to all the team members automatically when the student logs in to the team.

The full version has these features:
1) Sales Reports
2) Inventory
3) 4 Stores with up to 108 items in your item list for each store.
4) Inventory Tracking
5) Team Selling. For more than 1 employee
6) Email or Message a receipt.
7) Copy item list from one device to another.
8) Lock all settings so employees can't change anything.
9) Order fulfillment. Example, a food truck takes the order and automatically sends the order to the kitchen area.
10) 3 different ways to set the quantity for an item sold.

This app is perfect for vendors at a variety of places such as kiosks, concession stands, trade shows, food carts, hot dog stands, flea markets, bazaars, news stands, school stores, craft & food fairs, boardwalk vendors, street vendors, carnivals, flight attendants on airplanes, and many more!


バージョン 92.0

The long awaited barcode scanner feature is finally available in this release.
In minutes you can scan in barcodes for items and then ring up sales manually or by scanning barcodes.


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