Are there any troubled experiences, such as the day of waste disposal or the day of waste disposal?
Our Chikusei Garbage Sorting application is now available. It includes the garbage collection schedule, the precautions to take and procedures for disposing of garbage, a garbage-sorting dictionary, and frequently asked questions. You can check all this information easily with your smartphone.Please use this app to help you properly sort your garbage and items for recycling.

【Basic functions】
■Garbage collection calendar
Garbage collection schedules can be confirmed on one screen through three patterns: today and tomorrow, weekly, and monthly.
■Alert functions
You can set an alert to remind you of the collection schedule’s garbage classification on the day before and the day of collection.

■Garbage-sorting dictionary
You can check garbage disposal procedures by category. You can also find the item you are looking for easily because the sophisticated new system uses predictive search to help you search in order of potential.

■Garbage disposal procedures
You can confirm the main items and disposal methods for every garbage classification.

■Frequently asked questions
You can find frequently requested information in a Q & A format.

You can see announcements about changes in the collection schedule and information on special events.


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