Circle of 5ths is essential for all kinds of music. It is absolutely important for musicians to have a basic understanding of how the perfect 5th and intervals work in music.

If the interval of 5th (P5) goes further up or down from the key of C# (7 sharps) and Cb (7 flats), then there are more keys to explore than 7 sharps and flats. 
Any musical note or key signature can be named differently. For example, note C can be named as B#, Dbb and so on. 

Similarly with the key signatures, Major keys with 11, 12, 13, 14 flats are not named as Abb, Dbb, Gbb, Cbb, but they are simply called G, C, F, Bb. 
Audibly, they sound the same, but spelt differently because are needs to satisfy or adjust a musical rule (or many other reasons) in the particular situation. 

This version has enharmonic key spellings that show all key signatures clearly and how each key is related and dependent each other. 
Understanding these enharmonic spellings is very important. 

This App unlocks complete enharmonic key signatures that help to give a deep understanding of the circle of fifths and other related issues.

What’s new on the 3rd Edition of the Circle of 5ths Master?
This 3rd edition includes all features from 1st and 2nd editions PLUS;

New additions:
- Solfége: both fixed Do & movable Do – useful for sight singing
- Inversions of the triads: 1st & 2nd inversions
- Color choice for the circle: six different colors to choose from
- Key regions: understand the relationship of the keys, useful for a key change & chord progressions
- Hide/Unhide Notes in the triad and interval parts
- Key Signature Quiz

- Graphics & design
- Performance & stability
- Scales & Triads
- Contents navigation
- Enharmonic Key Signatures

Features (Table of Contents)

1. Circle of 5ths in Flat, Major, minor, blank, minor and sharp
2. Circle of all - 2nds, 3rds, 4ths, 6ths, 7ths, also changeable color of the circle
3. Key signatures & regions – Treble, alto and bass clefs
4. Drag & Drop – practice key signatures and chord progression
5. Triads I & II – complete triads in root, 1st and 2nd inversions with sound
6. Scales – major, natural minor, harmonic minor and melodic minor
7. Solfége in both fixed and movable Do. Sound in slow and fast tempo
8. Intervals - up to perfect 15th with harmonic and melodic sound
9. Enharmonic Key Signatures
10. Key matrices – order of sharps & flats and reverse
11. Formulas – Scale, chord and mode with sound
12. The overtone series with sound
13. Key Signature Quiz
14. Twelve Astrological/Zodiac signs (new update)


バージョン 12.0

· Many improvements and bug fixes including iOS 11 support.


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