New version of Commander One PRO has finally arrived carrying an exciting update: support for more connections, encryption of online data, ability to work with “Shared with me” section on Google Drive, etc.

Commander One PRO is a revolutionary file manager for Mac with dual-panel interface. Completely developed in Swift, it provides multiple advanced tools for efficient work with your files, folders, documents, archives, remote servers and computer processes.

“This app is everything OS X Finder wants to be”

”I'd describe it more as a handy Finder "enhancer" that's great for Mac OS X "power users"; “If you consider yourself a "power user" and want the ability to tweak and fiddle with the functions on your Mac, you'll find it very handy — especially the pro version.”

Besides the basic OS X file manager features, Commander One PRO also has a number of handy optimizations to your workflow
- Create, delete, open, move, and rename files and folders;
- Use regular expressions in file search;
- Various view modes;
- Unlimited tabs;
- Operations queue;
- Customizable hotkeys;
- History, Favorites;
- Select the program to open the file;
- All computers over network are detected and displayed in the list.

FTP Client
- Access remote servers via FTP, SFTP or FTPS;
- Two panels are for sure more efficient than one;
- Keep an eye on file operations with convenient queueing;
- Change files permissions.

WebDAV client
- Connect to WebDAV servers. You can connect to as many servers as you need at the same time in Commander One.
- Work directly with your files stored on the server, as if they are stored in a local folder on your Mac.
- Transfer files from one WebDAV server to another, without downloading them to your Mac.

Amazon S3 Browser
- Work with files of entire Amazon S3 account or only specific buckets;
- Set custom endpoint to access your S3-based server.

Work with Clouds
- Commander One is a single Dropbox client for any number of accounts;
- Mount your online Dropbox without installing it on your Mac and copying your data;
- Share Dropbox links right from Commander One;
- Connect Dropbox Business account to get fast and easy access to your work files;
- Mount your Google Drive account, work with your online files and share Google Drive folders, including “Shared with me” folder;
- Manage your Google Drive files and folders without saving them on Mac;
- Mount Microsoft OneDrive on Mac and access your online files from Commander One as any local ones;
- Connect Amazon S3 storage and S3-compatible storages as local drives to your Mac;
- Get full support for Box.com directly from Commander One;
- Have access to your files stored on Backblaze B2 right from the app window;
- Easily mount and manage files on OpenStack Swift storage;
- Provide additional protection to the files stored online due to Encryption feature.

Mount MTP devices
You can easily mount your MTP devices, access and edit their contents - just connect your device to Mac and it will be available as a mounted drive in Commander One. You can also use it for OS X Android file transfer.

Compress and Extract
- Extract and compress 7zip packages, or work with 7zip Mac archives as regular folders: view, add, or remove files without extracting;
- Extract files from RAR packages, search archive contents, copy files from RAR without even extracting;
- Gain full access to TAR packages (TBZ, TGZ, Tar.Z, tar.lzma and tar.xz) including compress, extract, open as a folder and search archive contents;
- Work with .ipa, .apk, .jar, .ear, .war files as with regular folders.

Make it unique
- Commander One offers pre-designed color themes and allows you to create your very own theme for maximum convenience and unique feeling;
- Customize fonts up to your visual convenience.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact us at support@eltima.com. We are happy to help. Your feedback is welcome and will be taken into account for next releases.


バージョン 2.1

Added: an ability to open and edit files stored on online connections.
Added: an ability to open and edit files in archives (except for RAR).
Added: an ability to open and edit files on MTP devices.
Added: support for Box.com.
Added: support for Backblaze.com.
Added: a new type of connection for OpenStack Swift (Object Storage), with Keystone authentication services v.1 and v.2.
Added: an ability to choose server endpoint for Amazon S3.
Added: support for new regions in Amazon S3: cn-north-1 Beijing, eu-north-1 Stockholm.
Added: SSO support for OneDrive.
Added: Microsoft Cloud Germany (office.de) support for OneDrive.
Added: an ability to work with “Shared with me” folder on Google Drive.
Added: an ability to mount to WebDAV servers with untrusted HTTPS certificate.
Added: support for encryption on online connections.
Added: support for Dropbox Business.
Added: support for Google Team Drives.
Added: support for Finder Extensions (Dropbox, Google Backup and Sync, etc.)
Added: support for Finder Tags.
Added: support for dark mode on macOS 10.14.
Added: Italian and Portuguese localizations.
Added: support for OpenSSH keys for SFTP connections.
Added: an ability to select a UI language in preferences.
Added: an ability to configure appearance of the built-in preview.
Improved: functionality of operations queue.
Improved: operation speed of WebDAV connection.
Improved: the icons size changes when adjusting the font size.
Improved: work with MTP devices.
Improved: support for UTF-8 for FTP connections.
fixed: support for Cyrillic characters for FTP connections.
fixed: the display of symbolic link icons.
fixed: support for AZERTY keyboard.
Lots of other minor fixes and improvements (thank you for your continued feedback!).







* スペースでファイルを選択した時、自動でひとつ下のファイルにカーソルを移動する

* bookmark周りの機能強化
- >bookmarkに名前(エイリアスをつける)
-> bookmark一覧のキーボードホットキーを用意する








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