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Andre Elkin


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Unleash your creativity and design your own Countryballs stickers with the ultimate Countryballs Stickers Creator app! Dive into a world of endless possibilities as you craft personalized countryball characters, customize backgrounds, add accessories, apply stroke colorizing, include text, and even create your own flag designs. Let your imagination run wild and share your unique creations with the world!

Bring countryball characters to life: Get ready to create charming countryball characters from scratch! With a wide range of options available, you can design the perfect ball shape, choose from an assortment of eyes with different expressions, and select various accessories to make your countryball truly one-of-a-kind.

Customizable backgrounds: Set the stage for your countryball stickers by selecting from a diverse collection of customizable backgrounds. Whether you want to showcase famous landmarks, natural wonders, or cultural symbols, the app offers a vast array of options to suit your creative vision.

Stroke colorizing: Add a touch of style and uniqueness to your countryballs by colorizing their strokes. With a spectrum of vibrant colors at your disposal, you can make your countryball stand out and capture attention in every conversation.

Personalized text: Express yourself with personalized messages by adding text to your countryball stickers. Whether it's a catchy slogan, a humorous phrase, or a heartfelt quote, the app allows you to overlay text on your designs, making your stickers even more expressive.

Create your own flags: Showcase your national pride by designing your own country flags! The app provides a user-friendly flag creator tool, allowing you to select colors, shapes, and symbols to represent your country. Fly your unique flag proudly on your countryball stickers and share it with friends and family.

Easy sharing and export: Once you've created your stunning countryball stickers, easily share them with friends and family through messaging apps or social media platforms. You can also export your designs as high-quality images, perfect for using in various digital projects or printing them as physical stickers.

Regular content updates: Keep the excitement alive with regular updates! The app continuously adds new accessories, backgrounds, eyes, and features, ensuring that your creativity knows no bounds. Stay tuned for seasonal updates, themed packs, and exciting surprises to enhance your sticker designing experience.

Unleash your artistic prowess and create a captivating collection of Countryballs stickers like never before! Download the Countryballs Stickers app now and let your imagination soar in the world of custom countryball design.


バージョン 3.5.8

Added flags of Roman Empire, 1st Mexican Empire and Yugoslavia
Caveballs got #0 and #9 and new font for numbers
Added more eyes
Restored joystick for moving eyes
Enabled all features by default after initial installation
Small UI improvements








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