Browse the internet without intrusive ads...FOR FREE!
- Save battery
- Save data
- Speed up the web!

Crowdblock isn’t your grandad’s ad blocker. It is a community dedicated to the idea that the web should be a nicer place — that no one should have to wait 8 seconds for a page to load!

- Download Blockers made by your peers from a rapidly expanding repository!

- Create content blockers for yourself, your friends, your family and everyone else!

- Request Blocker for specific sites that are misbehaving.

Forget Kim Kardashian, we’re the one’s breaking the internet. We put up with websites that load at a glacial pace and are criminally bloated with tracker’s and adware. Its a matter of respect. We, the consumers, aren’t getting it.

Obviously, there are good advertisers and good publishers out there. The problem is that it has been financially beneficial to be abuse our trust and ruin our experience because we had no way to fight back. This is no longer the case. Be part of the revolution.


And if the task ever feels crazy, just remember “one man year” is “365 Reddit users working overnight.”


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