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DuckDuckGo for Mac is a free browser that provides the most comprehensive online privacy protection in one app. Unlike most popular browsers, it has powerful privacy protections by default, including our search engine that doesn’t track your history and over a dozen other built-in protections. Millions of people use DuckDuckGo as their go-to browser to protect their everyday online activities, from searching to browsing, emailing, and more.


• Search Privately by Default: DuckDuckGo Private Search comes built-in, so you can easily search online without being tracked. 

• Block Most Trackers Before They Load: Our 3rd-Party Tracker Loading Protection exceeds what most popular browsers offer by default, stopping most hidden tracking scripts from loading and collecting your personal data. 

• Enable Built-in Email Protection: Block most email trackers and hide your existing email address with addresses. 

• Watch YouTube videos more privately: Duck Player protects you from targeted ads and cookies with a distraction-free interface that incorporates YouTube’s strictest privacy settings for embedded video. 

• Automatically Enforce Encryption: Shield your data from network and Wi-Fi snoopers by forcing many sites to use an HTTPS connection. 

• Escape Fingerprinting: Make it harder for companies to create a unique identifier for you by blocking attempts to combine info about your browser and device. 
• Import Bookmarks and Passwords: Easily bring your bookmarks and login info from another browser to DuckDuckGo. Plus, Sync bookmarks and passwords across your devices. 
• We feature many protections not available on most browsers, even in private browsing mode, including protection from link tracking, AMP tracking, and more. 


• Clear your tabs and browsing data in a flash with the Fire Button. 
• Banish cookie pop-ups and automatically set your preferences to minimize cookies and maximize privacy. 
• Signal your privacy preference with Global Privacy Control (GPC) built into our app. GPC intends to help you express your opt-out rights automatically by telling websites not to sell or share your personal info. Whether it can be used to enforce your legal rights depends on the laws in your jurisdiction. 

Subscribe to Privacy Pro for: 
• Our VPN: Secure your connection on up to 5 devices. 

• Personal Information Removal: Find and remove personal info from sites that store and sell it.

• Identity Theft Restoration: If your identity is stolen, we’ll help restore it. 
Privacy Pro Pricing & Terms

Payment will be charged automatically to your iTunes account until you cancel, which you can do in app settings. Your personal info is not required to subscribe. You have the option to provide an email address to activate your subscription on other devices, and we will only use that email address to verify your subscription. For terms of service and privacy policy, visit
You don't need to wait to take back your privacy. Join the millions of people using DuckDuckGo and protect many of your everyday online activities with one app. It's privacy, simplified. 

Read about our free Tracking Protections at 

Privacy Policy: 
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バージョン 1.88.0

• We improved Sync & Backup's ability to sync large numbers of bookmarks or stored passwords, and you'll notice better messaging if there's ever an error syncing your data between devices.
• We also made some other bug fixes and improvements.

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perfect browser

I was looking for a new browser with the termination of a certain application.
Except for non-Japanese support, this is what I was looking for.
I think it's the perfect browser you're looking for.
I sincerely hope that you will do your best for a long time.
I will use it habitually from now on.


感想です。Hello. I have been using it from time to time.




(from google translate)

Hello. I have been using it from time to time.

About the languages handled by the app. As is the case with Japanese, it seems that languages with double-byte characters are not handled. Since the special explanation cannot be copied, the feeling of translating fades. There are quite a few people who want Japanese notation here. Even a little is fine, so I would like you to pay attention to your opinion. that's all.



Cool web browser

Very cool web browser with privacy protection. It’s very interesting to see how many trackers are embedded in the web pages.

Here are some requests:
1. Tab bar would be helpful to switch tabs.
2. Configuration for auto embedded video playback since some web sites stick embedded video keep playing in your site.
I don’t want to see such video.

It misunderstands search words as URL sometimes. It might be due to mixture of different languages. e.g. English and Japanese.


デベロッパである"DuckDuckGo, Inc."は、アプリのプライバシー慣行に、以下のデータの取り扱いが含まれる可能性があることを示しました。詳しくは、デベロッパプライバシーポリシーを参照してください。



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