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Get Ecosia’s browser to start planting trees with your searches. Like other search engines, we make money through ads, but we use 100% of our profits for the planet. The Ecosia community has already planted 150 million trees in over 35 countries.

With one download you can help tackle climate change while also protecting your privacy. Download the Ecosia app today to plant trees as you search — it’s completely free!

Ad blocker and fast browsing — The Ecosia app is based on Mozilla’s Firefox and gives you an intuitive, fast and secure browsing experience with everything you need, including tabs, incognito mode, bookmarks, downloads, and dark mode. We also show a green leaf beside your results that are pro-environment, helping you make greener choices whilst you search.

Plant trees with your searches and be climate active every day — The Ecosia community is tackling climate change, protecting wildlife, and collaborating with local communities around the world, planting the right trees in the right places.

Protect your privacy — We don’t create a profile of you or track your location, we never sell your data to advertisers, and your searches are always SSL-encrypted. We want trees, not your data.

Carbon negative browser — Not only do the trees we plant absorb CO2, we also have our own solar plants. They don't just produce enough renewable energy to power all your searches, but twice as much! This means more renewables (and fewer fossil fuels) in the electricity grid.

Radical transparency — Our monthly financial reports disclose all of our projects so you can see exactly what our profits are going towards. We’re a not-for-profit tech company that dedicates 100% of its profits to climate action.

Get Ecosia today and be climate active every day


バージョン 9.0.2

We reorganised the homepage:
All your impact related information is now gathered there.
You can customise the homepage to your needs and deactivate individual sections.

We also fixed some bugs and added some stability improvements:
- Paying with Paypal should work again

We are always working hard to make Ecosia better for you. Send any questions or feedback to our team at, we love hearing from you!





I’ve enjoyed this app

I have been using this app for some time now and maybe I’ve helped plant at least 416 trees (just on my phone) more if you count the searches I’ve done from my desktop. Setting it as the default home page helps me use it for so many things. Hope you can download and use it also to spread the love. If we can give back by doing the things we do daily anyway why not!?!


Hope the advertisement will be improved

For advisement, I have set “strict” and personalised result is ON, and also I have never seen any adult contents but I can see the ad of adult online comic which is Japanese every time and I couldn’t find out how to remove or control them. So I just stopped to use this app. It might only for japanese version. I hope it will fix soon.




I am Japanese. I like this app very much. However, it is written in English, so I am in trouble. Since it is a setting, I think it will be very good if it can be customized.





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