ENDALGO is the premier app for finding and building local sports communities. In just a few clicks, play the sports you love, make new friends, and stay healthy in the process. Your passions are calling. Download ENDALGO to host your own events or join hundreds happening every week.

Discover outdoor activities and sports teams right in your backyard
- Get matched with over 40,000 groups based on your outdoor interests, from pickup soccer games to hiking and yoga, along with everything in between
- Explore events by sports and activity types, search by team/group name, or see what's popular in your area
- Connect with people in your local sports community and stay in touch with ease

Level up your ability and then show off your skills
- Book experiences with local experts to improve your technique, whether it’s part of a group surfing lesson, a 1:1 soccer training session, or anything else you can think of
- Scan the registrations of local sports teams to participate in recreational games, leagues, and tournaments

Finally start the group or team you’ve been dreaming about
- Host your own sports events online and in person by creating a group around your passions and favorite pursuits
- ENDALGO makes team management easy. Effortlessly manage your schedule, construct your roster, and communicate with your players
- Grow your community with people who share your interests

Key Group/Team Features
• Scheduling
• Communication
• Members (Rostering)
• Online Registration
• Experience Creation
• Payment Collection

For the best app experience, we recommend allowing us access to your device's GPS location so ENDALGO can generate suggestions for local events and groups.

Get in touch with any questions or suggestions by contacting at feedback@endalgo.com.


バージョン 6.0.0

We've rebuilt our app to expand beyond just soccer. Now you’ll be able to use ENDALGO to find a wide range of outdoor activities and sports teams in your neighborhood. We’ve got basketball, tennis, football, hiking, and a long list of other options for keeping active, finding community, and staying healthy. Yoga, anyone?

Here's an overview of our updates:
[+] New Design: The UI-friendly layout allows for easier app navigation
[+] Home Tab: All group activities are now in one place, including events, the community board, and experiences
[+] Explore Tab: We updated ENDALGO’s algorithm to suggest groups and events that match your interests
[+] Expanded Offerings: You can now create groups and events by choosing among 140+ sports types and activities

If you have any questions, please contact us at feedback@endalgo.com


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