Existing light Meter

Existing light photography, sometime refer to type of light found in low light environment, such as, interior, sports scene, landscape in natural light (moon light), or neon light in city, traffic, and light projection on buildings, etc.

This meter give you a close reference for what shutter speed match f Stop. for film lover, we still want to capture special scene on film, and it is not easy to determine the exposures by using light meter in those environment.

With this apps, you can easily found the setup you need at dark place, and with the build in Timer, you can count the exposure time.

Below is the scene included in the meter

(1) Night after sunset.
(2) City scene with bright neon light, Burning building
(3) Bright light Downtown, Indoor Game
(4) Amusement park with festival lights, carnival rides
(5) Church Interior,
(6) Traffic at night, Christmas trees light, Candle light,
(7) Lighting
(8) Light on dark building
(9) White light on Garden, Falls
(10) Bright Color light on Garden, Falls
(11) Dark Color light on Garden, Falls
(12) Moon light on snow landscapes
(13) Moon light on landscapes

Will try to update my meter whenever I have more information and new idea, and Hope you enjoy using the existing light meter.

All the information are personal experience and learn from books, will not response for any lost because of using this apps.


バージョン 3.0

Fixing of mirror bug


デベロッパである"Wai Man Mak"は、プライバシー慣行およびデータの取り扱いについての詳細をAppleに示していません。




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