Teach, present, sketchnote, record videos, and work together, all in the Explain Everything Whiteboard.

Compared to other tools, Explain Everything is the Swiss army knife of the whiteboarding apps. Due to its unique versatility, new possibilities to express knowledge are opened up, breaking down the boundaries of time and distance, allowing you to sketch, talk and share across a new landscape, digitally reimagining how you explain anything.

Make the process of creating quality explainer videos a breeze. Share your whiteboard presentation either on site or at a distance. Open up an infinite digital space to visually brainstorm complex ideas and share invaluable feedback.

• Bring in media directly from iCloud, GDrive, Box, Dropbox, OneDrive, or Evernote as well as export back to them.

• Capture your interactions and voice to create just-in-time video messages and stories.

• Whiteboard together in real time with voice chat on any device, anywhere. Invite guests with a link or project CODE to join you. Record everything and share later as a video.

• Turn your infinite canvas into a mixed-media playground of videos, images, documents, and sketches 
that captivate, engage, and inspire others.

• Share your projects as images, PDFs, MP4s or editable Explain projects. Share as a web video link so others can stream your Explainer videos.

• Centrally manage your group or institution’s access to the whiteboard and its functionality with ease and comfort.

––– Present, teach, and inspire –––
Lead your audience with a flexible interactive tool. Add documents, images, video, audio, sketches, and more to engage all styles of learning. Organize your materials on an infinite canvas and never run out of space.

––– Record and share whiteboard videos –––
Record animations, annotations, and voice, and make edits using the timeline. Explain Everything’s infinite canvas and recording tools make creating explainer videos a breeze.

––– Meet and collaborate –––
Meet, work, record, and share your videos all in a single app. Invite anyone to your Explain Everything Whiteboard and collaborate in real-time on our infinite canvas with voice-chat. Record the whole thing or pick out the good bits, edit the video, and share it as a link. All in one package.

Explain Everything is used and loved by tutors & consultants, trainers & teachers, storytellers & visual learners, business communicators & professionals, and anyone with the drive to explain or present complex concepts and truly connect with their audiences.

New accounts come with a free trial of the features provided in the Individual Subscription Plan.

You can get your Explain Everything subscription in the app, which will be charged according to you chosen plan and country. Your price options will be shown in the app before you complete a payment. Subscriptions will renew automatically each month/year through your iTunes account, unless you turn off auto-renewal at least 24 hours before the end of the current subscription period, which you may do at any time in your iTunes account settings. You will only be charged for one period at a time. You may cancel your subscription at any time and will continue to have access to our premium features until the next renewal period.

Privacy policy: https://drive.explaineverything.com/discover/policy
Terms of use: https://drive.explaineverything.com/discover/terms


バージョン 6.6.7

• Insert 3D Models from Sketchfab
Add high-quality, community-made 3D models to your canvas via the new integration with Sketchfab. You can find it in Add Media > 3D Objects. Once you add a model, you can select it with the Hand Tool and then rotate it.
NOTE: A Sketchfab account is required in order to use the integration and download 3D models. Not every model is free to download and any purchases made are managed by Sketchfab.

•More Document Page Locking Options
When importing a document, you can now lock movement attributes of its pages. This way, you can control pages’ ability to move on the canvas before you add them. You can later change that with the Inspector.








Hi! We're going to fix some problems with Japanese keyboard in the next update, so stay tuned! If you see that something is not right, please let us know by sending email to support@explaineverything.com and we will fix it immediately!


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Explain EDUとの違いは?

購入を検討していますがExplain EDUとの違いがよくわかりません。こちらは、月毎(年毎)課金されるのですが、EDUは一括購入できますのでそちらが便利です。EDUの機能に遜色なければ購入したいのですが。教えていただけませんか?


Explain EDUは、プロジェクトを作成してそれらをローカルに保管することを可能にする単一購入アプリ(iOSデバイス専用)ですが、Explain Driveでのコラボレーションまたは保管はサポートしません。また、VPPを使用してより多くのExplain EDUライセンスを購入することができます。一方で、共同作業を行い、プロジェクトをクラウドに保存することを計画している場合は、Explain Everything Whiteboardを使用することをお勧めします。クロスプラットフォームで、サブスクリプションベースのアプリはあらゆる機能を提供します。私たちは世界中の小中学校の生徒と先生に割引を提供しています。


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