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Blue Candy

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Welcome to Facebrity!
Where your dream to become a star becomes true. Or, at least, you can try to fake it with your friends on social media and have fun!

Discover our always-up-to-date catalog of clips and movies and start swapping your face with top-class actors and VIPs.
Decide whether you want to be the protagonist of an action movie, a sexy dancer, a superhero, a top model on a magazine cover, a spooky maniac in a horror movie, a romantic lover of your favorite drama series, a... Well, you can be whoever you want here!

- How do I do that?
It's so simple that even your grandma can use it.
Take a selfie or upload it from your gallery, choose a fancy clip, and that's it. In a few seconds, you're a star!

- What's next?
Pick some friends you want to bother and share your clips as videos or GIFs. They'll hate you because of the laugh you'll cause them at work.
Guess what? You can also share them on social media. Just think about how fun your TikToks and Instagram Stories would be. You're going to be much more famous than the President!
Ok, maybe not that famous... But still popular enough to receive gifts from fashion companies.

- How's it possible?
That's the hard part, but it's on us. We've hired a bunch of ultra nerds, constantly typing super fast on their keyboards to take care of our Artificial Intelligence. Which takes advantage of a Neural Network, that's basically a very sophisticated algorithm that does the face morphing stuff. Look, guys, I don't understand a single word of what they're doing, but I know for sure they're the best at doing it.

- Where do my photos go?
In space! Naaah, I'm just joking.
We care about your privacy, and we do NOT collect any personal data from them. We don't even want your email address or phone number.
Anyway, if you really want to know more about how we manage your data, check the links below.
Privacy Policy: https://www.facebrity.app/privacy-policy.pdf
Terms and Conditions: https://www.facebrity.app/terms-and-conditions.pdf

- Do I have to pay?
Yes, of course, you have to pay. Try asking not to pay in a restaurant.
We offer different tiers of in-app subscriptions that allow you to access all the premium content. And yes, we do offer promos, but you've to activate notifications to receive them.
Most of the money goes to those nerds I've mentioned before. We tried paying them with Cheetos, but it didn't work.

- How do I contact Customer Care?
It's simple, email help@facebrity.app and one of our Oompa-Loompas will assist you as soon as they finish preparing chocolate bars.

Note of the author: If you've really come this far reading this - trust me - find a hobby in life.


バージョン 43.0.9

A brand new batch of new amazing clips and few bugs fixed.








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