Fluids & Particle Simulation 4+

Marvin Krueger

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Are you stressed and agitated? Do you want to channel your negative energies into
something soulful and creatively free till you feel calm? The Fluids and Sounds app can help you - create satisfying, trippy and psychedelic art with your fingertips.

This app helps you to reduce stress and calm down. Now you
can touch on your screen to simulate colorful and luminescent fluids that flow with your
touch movements. Create extraordinary patterns with single touch or multiple touches
on the screen and delve deeper into a world of creative fascination and magical
freedom till you feel the connection to our universe.

--- Features of Fluids and Sounds ---
- Wonderful and easy fluid art simulation
- Sound reactive fluids (synchronize to your favorite music)
- Dozens of parameters to play around with (color, bloom,
sunrays, resolution, force and more)
- Autopilot included. Let the fluids flow without interacting with the app. You also could stream this to a bigger screen using AirPlay. Please note: Autopilot is not generating sounds.
- Gyrosensor, haptic feedback and force touch are integrated (if you want to use them)
- Realtime sound synthesis for meditating music
- Take screenshots and share them with anyone you like
- Record videos of your fluids (please note: Videos are not including the fluid sounds, only the background music, also video recording excludes the UI, so you'll only record what matters - your art)
- Save and load your favorite settings using presets

--- Feel Free, Calm and Relaxed ---
Art is a form of expression and expression helps in catharsis of inexplicable things we
feel every day. If you think you suck at art or expression, this app offers you a safe,
easy and creative outlet to channel your thoughts into wonderful art impressions that
disappear intermittently. Allow yourself to come down and play around with Fluids & Shapes for some minutes to make beautiful expressions on your device’s screen.

--- Seek Awareness and Peace ---
You feel like the world is too overwhelming and you need to get a bit of awareness?
Protect your peace from getting drowned in a pool of negative emotions such as stress,
anxiety, agitation, depression etc. Seek awareness and peace the minute you open this
app and make the most of your free time with this free, amazing app.

--- Create Wonderful Fluid Art Impressions ---
Use your fingertips to create wonderful forms and shapes on your device. While you do
so, you can listen to relaxing music which is generated in realtime, depending on your
input. Get in tune with the relaxing art and music as you make beautiful patterns on your
screen. Customize the intensity, color dispersion, vortex index, music effects, waves
and other items from the menu to enjoy a more personalized fluid art meditation and

Are you ready to feel the satisfaction of creative freedom and its impact on your mental
wellbeing? The new fluid art meditation and stimulation app is here for you. Enjoy
breathtaking art patterns and soulful music till you feel calm and relaxed. Download and
use Fluids and Sounds today!

Hope you'll enjoy, because we believe you deserve to feel calm and relaxed!

Do you have ideas for new features or improvements? You are not satisfied with this
Feel free to send me a message at info@mkgames.org


バージョン 8.7

- Updated recording software, hopefully solve some recording problems
- Polished UI
- New presets
- Better Particles
- Glitch effects
- Fixed bug which has blown up app size
- Performance improvements
- Subscription option

Hope you'll enjoy Fluids as much as I do! If you have any trouble or ideas for new features, feel free to just write me an email using info@mkgames.org.
- best Marvin


Unlock all Presets (iOS)
Unlock all Presets (iOS)
Unlock all Presets (not including features)
Psychedelic magic (iOS)
Psychedelic magic (iOS)
Unlock all features.


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