THE VERY BEST swing analyzer for golfers and instructors JUST GOT BETTER!

New function and NEW PRICING make this the BEST GOLF APP value on the store.

This FULL VERSION of the Golf Swing app can be used by an AVID GOLFER to store many golfers and sequences or by a TEACHER/INSTRUCTOR to create a database of sequences that are dated and fully documented with analysis and instruction.

This version allows you to create as many golfers and sequences as you want.
It also has a state-of-the-art 3-D model that is ideal for merging with a player image for comparison.

Golf Swing was one of the very first golf swing apps, and continues to lead the group in design, function, and ease-of-use.

In addition, the archiving and documenting capabilities of the app make it the BEST TRAINING AID APPLICATION FOR INSTRUCTORS AND COACHES available today.

GOLF SWING LITE VERSION for non-instructors available on the app store as well

- Works with photos AND video
- Compare any two images/sequences
- Compare video-to-video, photo-to-video, photo-to-photo
- Pro sequences provided for ALL CLUB SELECTIONS (even putting)
- Advanced image MERGE function
- 3D model of pro provided
- Two types of grid overlays
- View videos as a sequence of photos
- Ability to import photos or video
- Links provided to download ANY PRO's swing from the web
- Export to camera roll for sharing/emailing
- Full drawing palette with Undo and Redo

Also the BEST APP FOR SELF-INSTRUCTION, as sequences and instruction are supplied for ALL TYPES OF SHOTS. You can compare yourself to anybody as well as an archive of your own sequences.

- Stores any number of golfers
- Built-in pro golfer with all types of clubs
- Built-in 3D model, ideal for overlaying golfer image
- Full golfer profile
- Color-coding of golfers by skill level
- Stores up to 200 sequences per golfer
- Variable length recording
- Variable speed on playback
- Square-grid and Clock-Grid Overlays for Playback
- Step forward and backward on playback
- Multiple-frame SEQUENCE display
- IMPORT photos/videos from other sources
- Views Down-the-line, Face-on, or any other
- Easy text entry for Analysis and Instruction
- EXPORT function for sharing with email, Facebook, Twitter, etc


バージョン 3.0.3

This app has been updated by Apple to use the latest Apple signing certificate.

Support for more devices; performance improvements


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