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The Halal food social app for Muslims that you've been waiting has finally expanded globally!
Halal Navi is not just an app that helps you to find the best local Halal food, but it is a platform where ANYONE can join and connect with our Muslim community. Which is why HALAL NAVI is the ultimate food guide for local Muslims and tourists Muslim.
Here's a top 10 reasons why you should join us !
1. Find and discover local Halal restaurants with our search and explore page.
2. Read reviews from our local Muslim community so you can avoid any dining mistake.
3. The only Halal app that offers "Halal tips" features where Muslim communities can easily "tips" other users on the Halal condition of the restaurant. Get rid of the syubhah before choosing a restaurant.
4. Check out information and navigate yourself to the restaurant easily with our map navigation. No more worries of getting lost.
5. Easily find the nearest Halal restaurants and mosques with our nearby function. Perfect if you need information fast when you're out.
6. Check in with our app and share it on your Facebook with just one tap
7. Be thanked by other Muslim brothers and sisters by contributing reviews or photos of your favorite restaurants.
8. Save Halal restaurants for your next dine out by bookmarking restaurants
9. Travel to a foreign country at ease. Get help from our local Muslim community.
10. Living in a Muslim minority country will be more fun by getting in touch and talk about food with your local Muslim friends through us.
So.... what are you waiting for?
Your Muslim friends are waiting for you!

The restaurants featured in this App does not necessarily have halal certificate.
Restaurant's reviews are collected based on user's experiences.
Please be informed that some restaurants might also serve non-halal menu.
Please ensure its compatibility with your halal standard.
For any inquiry and confirmation related to food preparation and ingredients used, you can always ask the restaurant directly.


バージョン 3.9.0

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Very helpful, but needs to be more update

I find this app very helpful to find halal restaurants nearby. But when I wanted to write reviews on some halal restaurants I often visit, unfortunately, they were not available on this app.


I can’t login with my Facebook account on the Halal Navi app

I’ve been using Halal Navi app for years and since the beginning I’ve always logged in with my Facebook account. However for some unknown reason when I opened the Halal Navi app (for the first time after a while) today I was logged out, and no matter how many times I tried to login with my Facebook account, it’d just bring me back to the login page on the app all over again. When I tried to login from the Facebook page of Halal Navi (on the Facebook app) AND on my Safari browser, however, I could login smoothly. But all I want is to login with my Facebook account on Halal Navi app. Please fix this bug ASAP!


It's good.

Very useful to find good places for Islamic cuisine. But cannot add my favourite place due to the problem of the app. It always says that cannot add the database and try again later. I tried again and again. But same answer always. Improvements required.
On 10/08/16, I could finally post my favourite place. Thank you!


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