Halide Mark II - Pro Camera 4+

RAW, Manual and Macro Capture

Lux Optics Incorporated

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HalideはAppStore Editor's Choiceであり、Appleの2019年のアプリであるSpectreの背後にあるチームからの受賞歴のあるカメラです。

Halideは、Macworldの「Must Have Apps(絶対必要なアプリ)」、TheVergeの「Apps We Love(大好きなアプリ)」に掲載され、The Sweet Setupによって「Best Third-Party Camera App for iPhone(iPhone対応の最高サードパーティカメラアプリ)」に選ばれました。Daring Fireballは「この種の、精細さを熱狂的にもっと細かく注目するアプリは賞賛されるべきだ。」と称賛しています。



Halideのジェスチャーを使用して、露出指数とマニュアルフォーカスをスワイプして変更したり、自動モードを手動撮影に変えてみてください。HalideのプロフェッショナルツールはAppStoreで最も強力な機能を搭載しています。XDR(Extended Dynamic Range)14ビットRAWストリーミング波形ビュー、カラーゼブラ、フォーカス・ピーキングやルーペなどのフォーカスアシスト、ヒストグラム、適応レベルグリッド、手動深度キャプチャ、 RAW対応などがあります。*カスタマイズしたコントロールで、アプリをお好みのニーズに合わせることができます。

- 美しく直感的なジェスチャベースのインターフェイス、指一本で使用可能
- iPhoneXRとiPhoneSEでペットやオブジェクトのポートレートを撮影
- フォーカス・ルーペとフォーカス・ピーキングなどのマニュアルフォーカスおよび強力なツール
- Halide Smart RAWでスマートな自動モード、ノイズを低くし詳細にこだわったRAWファイルのための機械学習による設定を最適化
- シャッタースピード、ISO、ホワイトバランスを含む完全な手動露出制御
- iPhoneで最高の露出ツール:ヒストグラム、XDR 14ビットRGB波形、カラーゼブラストライプ
- RAW、TIFF、HEIC、またはJPGをキャプチャして、最高品質のショットを作成
- レベルが組み込まれたグリッドオーバーレイ
- DNG、JPG、HEIC、ライブ写真、ポートレート深度データ、マットを詳細なメタデータビューで表示する強力なレビューワー
- RAWファイルをタップ1回ですばやく展開するインスタントRAW変換プロセス
- iPhoneカメラハードウェアのすべての詳細を表示するテクニカルリードアウト
- リモート撮影用のApple Watchコンパニオンアプリ
- Siriのショートカットは、離れた場所からシャッターをきったり、自動モードまたは手動モードでHalideを開くことに対応しています。
- カバレッジ、Deep FusionとSmart HDRを使用した最大のSmart HDR処理画像と、DNG RAWの両方をキャプチャするために、わずかな差で2枚の写真を撮影する強力な新機能
- アプリから10日間のクイックチュートリアルのような包括的なレッスンに直接サインアップして、写真家としての腕をあげましょう。
- Private by Design:Halideにはトラッカーやトラッキングが含まれておらず、サードパーティのライブラリもありませんので、データや写真を収集せず、情報を転送することもありません。Halideには、アプリから共有される写真の位置情報を制限することで、Facebookなどの企業によるスパイ行為を減らす機能も含まれています。


iPhone11および11 ProのUltra Wideカメラは、RAWまたは手動フォーカスに対応していません。
波形にはiPhone8以降が必要です。(8、X、XS、XR、SE2、11、11 Pro)
Depth Captureには、iPhone 7 Plus、8 Plus、X、XS、XR、11、11 Pro、またはSE2が必要です。



バージョン 2.12.1

iPhone 15 and iPhone 15 Pro users — we got you. We're hard at work on our next big thing, but for now we're bringing you this small update just for you.

You now have access to our "Format" button adjacent to the dynamic island, which lets you know the file-format you're capturing at a glance. In our home and Lock Screen widgets, we've updated our telephoto shortcut label to say "5×" on the iPhone 15 Pro. Stay tuned, because we have a much bigger update in the works!



It's that special time of year when new devices arrive from Cupertino, along with a big OS update to support them. But these updates can also breath new life into existing phones, and we're harnessing that with Halide 2.12. For a long, detailed description of what's new (with photos), be sure to check out our website, https://lux.camera, but read on for a summary that fits in release notes!


In the past, when you pressed that capture button, what you saw in your viewfinder wasn't always the photo that got captured. In the best case, it would capture the *next* image that arrived at your sensor. With this update, no more!

Behind the scenes, your iPhone is constantly capturing photos-- it just isn't doing anything with them. Now when you press that capture button, your iPhone look back on those recently photos and figures out which one was visible in the viewfinder at the time. Now what you see is what you get!

Zero Shutter Lag is not available in every capture configuration. For more details, check out our website.


When you have all of the iPhone's advanced photo processing enabled, if you quickly smash that capture button, you'll find that the iPhone has difficulty keeping up. Rather than crash, your iPhone stops taking photos for a moment while it catches up. Unfortunately, this could cause you to miss the perfect photo. No more!

With responsive capture-- which is enabled by default-- your iPhone will dynamically cut down on processing when it detects that you're capturing a lot of photos at once. You may lose Deep Fusion and SmartHDR, but at least you won't lose the shot. If you don't like this behavior, and want to ensure all processing happens all the time, there's a setting to turn this off.


In the last few years, new devices have been released that can display bright images than ever before. You'll really notice this when you take a photo of a very bright object, like a lightbulb. It just seems to pop more on "High Dynamic Range" (HDR) screens.

Believe it or not, for years iPhones have been capturing photos that contain this extra brightness, and saving them in your photos. You wouldn't know, because there was no way for outside developers to actually show these HDR photos. Until now! With our latest Halide update, the highlights in your HDR images will now show in all their brightness.

With every OS update comes new features and new... surprises... we had to fix. This update contains those fixes, such as our widgets having their borders cropped incorrectly. Hey, we aren't perfect, so we've also taken some time to address our own bugs. For example, we rewrote our icon picker screen to fix layout glitches.

If you run into anything we haven't caught, be sure to email us at support@lux.camera, and we'll get right on it. And don't forget to tag your photos #ShotWithHalide for a chance to be featured in our social media accounts.

We hope you enjoy this first update of fall, because we have a lot more in store!

— Team Lux





With Halide, shooting with XS MAX is great except one problem

I enjoy shooting with my iPhone XS MAX in RAW.
I took so many stunning photos with the app while I’m in Hawaii. Especially taking vertical in finder is much easier and manual focus enables me to replicate what I see. I just want one more feature. That is the shutter noise reduction or mute. This problem is only applicable to hardware sold in Japan, I guess. iPhone sold here come with mandatory shutter sound, which means it will make a sound even on manner mode. This felt very annoying since camera is great on XS MAX and this app enables me to use the device as on the go camera while on travel. For annoyed iPhone users out there, there’re lots of camera app which reduce shutter noise. But most of those app is terrible as camera app.
So I want this desires feature to the beat camera app on iOS so that halide will be best choice for mobile photographers . Sorry for the long review. I hope I could hear from developers of the app.


A little request

I was attracted by the App Store advertisement of Halide. Definitely something I need. All the real camera like features and even the instant film thingy etc...
So, once I finished installing it, can’t wait to juggle with it and just after the few pages of instruction...


“Pay, or pay. Thank you.”

I thought there were free features though?
Like not even the MF function & ISO setting?

Man iPhone users have been craving for good third party camera apps so please!
Make it clear if this is going to be a paid-to-use app.
Don’t disappoint people like this ...


It is a good apps but

I found something that makes me uneasy. I like to take a picture of bugs and it requires silent camera. Since I bought my phone in Japan, I need to do a trick to make my camera silent by playing some musics then mute it in apple stock camera. This apps is really different, although my music has been muted, whenever I open this app the sound will suddenly appears out of nowhere (although the volume in 0% and in silent mode). Can you please fix this bug? at least make it just work fine as stock camera.


デベロッパである"Lux Optics Incorporated"は、アプリのプライバシー慣行に、以下のデータの取り扱いが含まれる可能性があることを示しました。詳しくは、デベロッパプライバシーポリシーを参照してください。



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