Timeflow Project 4+

Look Book, Inc

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“Timeflow” is an educational game that teaches you the basics of investing and time-management.

You can make a career, buy real estate, run business, be a blogger, play on a stock market, get additional education, network, and carefully plan your time for all of it.

Your final goal is to make the dream of your life come true, having enough money saved on your bank account, by creating a passive income to cover your needs and expenses.

In the base of the developing lies the best financial-educational games such Monopoly, Cashflow, Payday, Tycoon, Rich Dad, etc.

The project was first released for computers and devices in 2015 and it was downloaded over 25,000 times since then.

Please submit any questions to support@timeflow.ru


バージョン 1.7.5


Improved stability
New "skip turn" button, helps when turn freezes
New "send bug report" button (see the menu)

Difficulty levels now affect the game balance, not just starting characters

Easy: Minimum negative events, no costly expenses. 1 child. Education is not getting obsolete. Crisis can start after 12 years. Bad habits never come back. Art investment is fake-free. Books and blog are easy to promote.

Medium: Negative events. 2 children. Education is getting obsolete. Crisis can hit after 8 years.

High: More negative events and very pricey expenses. Businesses can be lost. 3 children. Crisis can hit after 4 years.

When education obsolete, get a shortened course to update it, instead of starting the entire education over.


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