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【The Rejected Mate】 Two years later, I became a strong, pretty and shining she-wolf, and I came back to him again.
Only for revenge!
I swore I would make him fall in love with me, then I would break his heart and dump him!
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【Love Story in the Summer】
Lizzy Zoe, 27 years old and single.
She got a dream but slightly different from other ladies. She was willing to be a single unmarried mother. More than dreaming, she took the action which heard kind of crazy----
she dated a handsome man in a night bar then invited the man to go to a hotel. She was going to steal... no, borrow his sperm to have a baby!
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Super Sweetheart of the CEO Daddy

Nice to read


Cutie, please marry me again

Thank you for replying. So I decided to download the apps again, and checked if there were additional chapters for this novel. The problem is, I have to read again from the start when I already purchased up to the last chapters, near 200 chapters. Apple has issued me of my purchases. As to my chat record here, I stated that the novel has no ending and it’s true....it’s to be CONTINUED.I have 2 concerns now, which stories have and endings and which have nots, and when apps was deleted onced, and I came back, I have to start from chapter 1 again, prompting me to purchase again? I like to read more stories, but I think I cannot even dare start another story when your apps has issues. Thank you anyways, after this chat , your app will be deleted.


Dear, you can contact our online customer service and we hope to help you as soon as possible, thanks for your support and understanding!


Need to pay after 1st few chapters to continue reading.

Rubbish grammars.


Dear reader:You can use Report function for reporting some errors on content and we hope to improve the language. Thanks for your understanding and enjoy reading!


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