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Alti-Barometer resets expectations for barometer and altimeter apps.

Using your iPhone’s or Watch’s sensor, Alti-Barometer automatically and continuously records your barometric pressure. Even while your iPhone is in standby or using other apps, Alti-Barometer will seamlessly track pressure changes in the background. Just like with a dedicated weather station, our app can show you barometric pressure trends over hours and days to help you understand which way the weather may be headed. And unlike apps that require you to manually request a pressure update, Alti-Barometer continuously and automatically updates its pressure-based weather forecasts as well.

And when we say that Alti-Barometer can show you pressure trends, we mean it! Our app provides beautiful interactive graphs of pressure and altitude over time that you can also display with the app’s widgets and in your Watch complications.

Even better, our widgets and Watch complications are updated automatically. You can always see what’s happening at a glance - there’s no need to open the app to refresh the data.

Our app’s exclusive Storm Alarm feature can automatically notify you of large changes in barometric pressure. This feature is only possible without our continuous monitoring technology.

Another exclusive feature is BaroMap which lets you see barometric pressure and trends across Alti-Barometer’s user community on an interactive map. Not only can you see your own pressure trends, but you can see trends of other Alti-Barometer users around you - or on the other side of the world. Alti-Barometer turns your iPhone into a cloud-connected barometric weather station!

And if you want to share a snapshot of an interesting data graph with others through social media, email, or messaging, we make it easy with our one-tap “share” feature.

For situations that require higher precision that justifies higher battery consumption - for example, tracking your climb on a hike - Alti-Barometer provides a high-resolution mode that analyzes pressure data down to single-second pressure samples and records pressure data at over 200 samples per hour. If you need that kind of precision, we’ve got it!

And with our Premium Features upgrade, Alti-Barometer provide support for our unique history capability which will automatically save daily snapshots of pressure and altitude data using Apple’s highly secure iCloud. You can interactively explore your history across weeks, months, or years. Want to see the pressure graph of that big storm last year? With Anti-Barometer’s history feature, you can!

The Premium Features upgrade also unlocks iPhone widget support, CSV file data import and export if you want to do your own data analysis, additional Watch functionality including fully interactive graphs and the ability to run completely independently of your iPhone, a full two days of continuous data vs. the standard 12 hours, and more.

We developed Alti-Barometer because we’re weather nerds and we couldn’t find a barometer app that met our expectations. So we set out to build what we believe is the world’s most advanced, full-featured, and easy-to-use barometer app…with a powerful altimeter as a bonus.

Please give it a try. We hope you enjoy it as much as we do!

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バージョン 3.71

Along with some bug fixes, Alti-Barometer version 3.71 adds enhanced navigation (Premium Features subscribers can swipe right to go directly to the History screen from the Barometer screen), enhanced Options controls, and improved error reporting for cases where the app is unable to obtain a fresh reference altitude. On the History screen, version 3.71 also lets you see baro/alti previews scaled to each day, or scaled to high/low values for the entire year based on your preference using the new 'Scale to days'/'Scale to year' button.

For Premium Features users, the 'EcoSync' option has been replaced with a dedicated control on the Watch. If you're running in a high-precision mode on your iPhone and you tap on an altitude complication, a 'Realtime' screen to the right of the 'Standalone' screen will be available that will let you start and stop realtime sync of your Watch with your phone and to set the duration of realtime syncing for up to 24 hours. For all users, tapping on an altitude complication will automatically give you 15 minutes of realtime complication syncing when you dismiss the app.





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