Key Features

Digital medical history recording
From now on, your patients can fill out and sign the medical history form directly on the iPad using the Sidexis iX App. The completed anamnesis sheet is then stored in the Sidexis 4 database and can be accessed at any time via the Sidexis 4 timeline. Thanks to the integrated medical history form editor, you can individually adapt the contents and form of the anamnesis sheet template to your needs and wishes.

Imaging to go
Sidexis iX facilitates your daily practice routine and is the ideal companion to make patient consultation simple and understandable. Simply view your x-ray data directly on an iPad.
Take x-rays with you everywhere in your practice, take a look at the images of the next patient when changing treatment rooms, prepare x-rays and illustrate your diagnosis to the patient on the image. Sidexis iX turns the iPad into a consulting tool by making patient communication as it should be - simple and convenient.
In addition to your 2D x-ray data, Sidexis iX can also display your 3D x-ray data. Scroll through the section views on your iPad, move the rendering, show your patient everything live at the treatment unit.
Never before has it been this simple to carry around all the x-ray information you need and thus be able to use it flexibly, be it for patient communication, for meetings in the office or to view images again in peace at home.

Implant visualization
Having problems communicating your implant proposal to your patients? Simply show them. This new feature gives you the chance to choose between several different implant archetypes, adapt size, angle and place at the region of interest. This will make it easy for your patients to understand what you are proposing.

Intuitive setup
Choose a patient, download the relevant image, make annotations and save your work in the patient's history in Sidexis 4. Sidexis iX has been designed to make your life easy and to keep in line your practice workflows to be as efficient as possible.

Light and full version
The full version of Sidexis iX enables the integration of data from the image processing software Sidexis 4 (or Sidexis XG), the display of patient-specific x-ray images in the overview and full-screen mode as well as the import and export of image files. In addition, all Sirona x-ray units can be prepared for an x-ray image from the treatment center via WLAN. The light version of the app, on the other hand, only allows finished, pre-installed demo data records to be viewed and processed. Some data records cannot be loaded in the light version.
The full version of Sidexis iX can be acquired via the settings button in an in-app purchase.

Sidexis iX requires Sidexis XG v2.56 or higher or Sidexis 4 v4.2 or higher
The connection to the database of Sidexis 4 or Sidexis XG requires the installation of the software Sidexis iX Server, download for free at https://www1.dentsplysirona.com/en/products/imaging-systems/software/mobile-imaging-data.html

If you update the app Sidexis iX please always check whether there is a newer version of Sidexis iX Server available.

Additional requirements for 3D:
• iPad Air 2 or better, recommended: iPad Pro 12,9“
• Sidexis 4 v4.2
• Sidexis iX Server v5.0

Please note: This software is not authorized for findings or for diagnostic purposes. Please diagnose using an authorized system in your installation environment.


バージョン 5.0.2

App startup sequence modified.


Michael Reinke

iOS 10.3以降。iPad対応。


日本語、 イタリア語、 スペイン語、 ドイツ語、 フランス語、 ポルトガル語、 ポーランド、 ロシア語、 簡体字中国語、 英語、 韓国語

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