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Introducing Digital Film for iPhone!
Blackmagic Camera unlocks the power of your iPhone by adding digital film camera controls and operating systems! Now you can create the same cinematic ‘look’ as Hollywood feature films. You get the same intuitive and user friendly interface as Blackmagic Design’s award winning cameras. So it’s just like using a professional digital film camera! This means you can adjust settings such as frame rate, shutter angle, white balance and ISO all in a single tap. Or record directly to Blackmagic Cloud in industry standard 10-bit Apple ProRes files up to 4K! Recording to Blackmagic Cloud Storage lets you collaborate on DaVinci Resolve projects with editors anywhere in the world, all at the same time!

Get the "Hollywood Look" with Digital Film!
Blackmagic Camera puts the professional features you need for feature film, television and documentaries in your pocket. Now you can create YouTube and TikTok content with a cinematic look, and broadcast quality ENG! Imagine having a run and gun camera on hand to capture breaking news whenever it happens! Or use Blackmagic Camera as a B Cam to capture angles that are difficult to reach with traditional cameras, while still retaining control of important settings. Best of all, recording to Blackmagic Cloud allows you to get your footage to the newsroom or post production studio in minutes.

Interactive Controls for Fast Setup
Blackmagic Camera has all the controls you need to quickly setup and start shooting! Everything is interactive, so you can tap any item and instantly change settings without searching through confusing menus! The HUD shows status and record parameters, histogram, focus peaking indicators, levels, frame guides and more. Show or hide the HUD by swiping up or down. You can auto focus by tapping the screen in the area you want to focus. You can shoot in 16:9 or vertical aspect ratios, plus you can shoot 16:9 while holding your phone vertically if you want to shoot unobtrusively.

On Screen Heads Up Display
The heads up display, or HUD, controls have the most important camera controls such as lens selection, frame rate, shutter angle, timecode, ISO, white balance, gain and audio levels. You can adjust settings such as exposure by touching the ISO indicator, or you can change the audio levels simply by touching the audio meters. Everything is interactive, so if you tap any item you can instantaneously change its settings without having to search through complex menus!

Camera Setup Menus
The settings tab unlocks the full power of your phone’s camera, with quick access to advanced settings such as monitoring, audio, camera setup, recording and more! The record tab gives you total control over video resolution and recording format including industry standard Apple ProRes or space efficient H.264 and H.265. Plus, you can set anamorphic de-squeeze and lens correction settings. Professional audio options include AAC and PCM format and VU or PPM audio metering. You can even add external microphones! Or add 3D LUTs to recreate film looks!

The Blackmagic Camera media tab has all the controls you need to browse or scrub clips for quick review, search and sort and view the upload status of your media. Access your media from Blackmagic Camera’s all clips folder by choosing the Media button to see the thumbnails for each clip you have stored. Plus, you can save to the files folder on the phone, send it to Blackmagic Cloud Storage via Blackmagic Cloud or manually choose which clips to upload to a project library. You can even sync media from Blackmagic Camera directly into the DaVinci Resolve project so you’re ready to edit!

Live Sync to Blackmagic Cloud Storage
When shooting with Blackmagic Camera, the video you capture can be instantly uploaded as a proxy file, followed by the camera originals, and saved to Blackmagic Cloud Storage. This means you can start editing quickly using your proxies, speeding up your workflow.


バージョン 1.0.1

Support for recording in Apple Log on iPhone 15 Pro








Fall Short As Ultimate Cinema Camera App.

Well, I was Going to Give 5 Stars to This Camera App. Given Such Broadest Nice Array of Settings Imaginable & Easy to Tweak UI.

EspeciaLly What Draws My Attention & Expectation at Most is 3D Luts Setting Section.

The idea of shooting with 3D Luts on i-Phone isn’t brand new – it’s been (kind of) possible using 3rd party apps.

But There're 2 Types of App. Just like on True Dedicated Cameras.

One is That 3D Luts is Only Available on Preview Screen Whereas The Other App. Such as " VideoLuts " App. Can Enable us to Shoot Video with 3D Luts AKA Burning Video with Luts in The Same Fashion Dedicated Cameras Such as Panasonic Lumix S5Ⅱ Can Do.

I was Expecting This Blackmagic App. was Latter Type of Camera App.
But to My Huge Disappointment It is Former Type of App. Never being Able to Burning Video with 3D Luts.


VideoLut App. is Superb Free App. for Color Grading OriginaLly but Also Enables us to Shoot Video(Burn Video)with Our Own Luts.
But My Only Gripe on This App. is 3D Luts Only Available When We Shoot 8 Bit Rec.709 Color Space.
No 10 Bit Rec.2020 Color Space Support.
That is Bummer Because It Doesn't Pull out i-Phone's Full Potential that Can Shoot 10 Bit Rec.2020 HDR Video.
And THAT'S WHERE I WANT THIS Black Magic Camera App. STEP IN ❗️❗️❗️❗️❗️❗️❗️❗️

I Don't Believe Leading Industry Top-Notch Black Magic Software Engineering Team Can't Do Thing(Burning Video with 3D Luts)that The Other Apps. Such As VideoLut and Fil Mic Pro Can DO ❗️

So Please Add Burning Video with 3D Luts Function ASAP.

In That Event Also Keep Those Things in Your Mind.

1. Not only 8 Bit Rec.709 Color Space but 10 Bit Rec. 2020 Color Space Support in Burning Video with Luts.

2. Please Add " Intensity Slider " of Luts Just like in VideoLut App.
This is Significant TOO Because We NormaLly Apply 40% to 60% of Lut Not 100% that is TOO OVERSATURATED.
That's WHY Fil Mic Pro Camera App. Lacking in Intensity Slider is UNUSABLE ACTUALLY ❕❕❕❕❕❕❕❕❕❕❕❕❕❕❕❕

If Your App. Can Enables Those Things Above, I Don't Mind Paying Some Fee.



本アプリは 動画撮影アプリ単体としても高機能を有しおり



また、撮影した動画をデバイス内にproxie と呼ばれる圧縮ファイルと元ファイルが自動生成され、専用動画編集アプリ(DaVinchi Resolve)と専用Cloudにアカウント登録して使用することで 撮影した動画をほぼリアルタイムで編集アプリで編集を行うことができる仕組みを有しており、動画撮影だけでなく編集まで一貫して作業が行える非常に高度なアプリでです。


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