The very best, handy and simple gym assistant! Experience the new level of working out with iGym!

- Workout routines - use built in ones or create your own;
- Rest timer with sound and visual notifications;
- Previous workouts weights tracking;
- Tons of built in exercises with possibility of creating your own;
- Statistics - keep track of your workout progress and much more;
- Workout history - review all of your past workouts;
- Dropset and Superset support;
- Body measures - keep track of your body progress;
- Social - share your results on Facebook or Twitter;

It is well known that in order to progress one needs experience and knowledge. That is why it is so important to log your workouts, so you could bring out your weak and strong sides, experiments with your routines, diet and day schedule. iGym was created to help you achieve your goals!
iGym - is a simple and handy app, all necessary information can be added in 1-2 taps, so you won't be distracted from training process. New level of working out with iGym!


Select any built-in routine you like or crete your own! Add workout days and select any of 100+ built-in exercises or create your own. Smart search and user-friendly interface will help you! No need to spend long hours, to simply create your routine, iGym will take care of this! Of course, you can also edit your routines at any moment :)


Select any day within your routine and you are set! Start working out and add new sets as you go on. Special iGym feature will automatically look for last week results so you can progress easier and concentrate on your workout! Add sets in 1 tap with availability to start the rest timer!


Workout history feature keeps all of your past workouts, sorted by date or routine name. You will be able to review all of your workouts at any time and compare your results.


The fastest and easiest way to estimate your progress is by using graphs. Choose up to 10 different exercises for a simultaneous display and be able to review the dynamics of your weight stats. Review the results of your workouts within the last month, three months, six months or even at all times. You will also be able to analyse your muscle growth, comparing your body measurements and your workouts duration. Imagine, what amount of written data you would have to run through just to learn what progress your chest size or bench press has over one, two or six months? Is it too hard? With iGym it will require only 30 seconds to learn all this and even more!


Measure yourself and evaluate your muscle progress.


Share your achievements via Facebook, Twitter and VK!

The next update will contain even more useful features!

Twitter: @iGymTJ
VK: vk.com/iGymTJ
Gmail: trainingJournal.iGym@gmail.com


バージョン 2.55

● It is now possible to filter data by workout days in statistics section;
● Added English language;
● Interface improvements;
● Bug fixes.
Next update will include more features and improvements. Stay tuned!


Igor Fedotov

iOS 6.1以降。iPhone、iPad、およびiPod touchに対応。


ロシア語、 英語

  1. Five Day Split Routine ¥250
  2. High Intense Training Routine ¥490
  3. Superior Cutting Routine ¥490


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