iSPL PRO measures the sound pressure level with built-in microphone in the iPhone | iPad | iPod Touch and provides a simple way to measure noise in your environment in digital and analog layout.

We've included some useful features about the measured volumes:
•Average value
•Current value
•maximum values
•minimum values
•A, B, C, D frequency weightings
•Lin (unweighted frequency)
•Choose Fast or Slow
•Selection between high, normal or low time resolution values
•Start or stop the tool at any time by tapping the proper button
•Calibrate the measurements plus or minus 10 decibels. Comes pre-calibrated for the typical iPhone | iPad | iPod Touch built-in mic, If you find that the dB reading is a bit off when compared with traditional analog SPL meters, you can calibrate the app using the Settings screen
•Multiple views! Digital and analog layout. Choose between three graphical representation of sound level
•Send measurements results via e-mail
•Quick reference text with real-life examples, only in unweighted measurements.

This app gives you an estimation of the environmental sound levels and is mainly intended for entertainment use and not for professional-level volume measurements.

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バージョン 2.6.8

The app has been completely rebuilt. New design, new interactions, and powerful new features. Bug fixes !


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