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John Conners

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John's Background Switcher puts beautiful full-screen photos and stunning montages on your desktop. Choose the photos from your own collection on your Mac or websites like Flickr, Unsplash, Pixabay, SmugMug, Vladstudio, Google Photos and many more besides. You'll never know what's coming next - maybe photos from a recent holiday, landscapes from far and distant lands, pictures of small kittens or equally small dogs. If you're having a tough day, just take a look at your desktop and John's Background Switcher will get you through it!

Main features include:
• Show single photos or a variety of randomly generated beautiful montages on your desktop
• Choose photos from folders on your Mac, from iPhoto (old skool) or the new Photos app
• Rich Flickr, Unsplash, SmugMug, Pixabay, Vladstudio, Pinterest, Dropbox, OneDrive (personal) and Google Photos integration
• Media RSS photo feeds (so you can use a great many more photo sites)
• Multiple monitor support (show the same background all monitors, different pictures on each monitor or only on one monitor)
• Switching intervals from every 10 seconds to 7 days
• A variety of post processing effects like grayscale, sepia and desaturation
• Lots of new features in the works for future versions (I have a list as long as your arm!)

Once set up JBS quietly runs in the background changing your desktop and stays out of your way. If you don't love it, tell me what you'd like it to do from the support link and I'll add it as soon as I can! And remember, I'm a real person called John so be nice. :)


バージョン 3.2

This version adds support for M1 Macs, adds a new photos source (Wallhaven), improves a few of the existing sources and fixes some bugs. Have a read of the full details below:

• Added support for Apple M1 Macs (sorry it took so long!)
• Added Wallhaven integration
• Added shared album (iCloud photo album) support to Photos integration
• You can now add Google Photos shared albums (it's all about shared albums)
• Added support for multireddit feeds (just put .json on the end of the URL)
• Choose to have the wallpaper refresh when you change desktops (so they all stay the same) or only change the current desktop wallpaper when JBS switches (this was previously a hidden setting)
• Increased the collage mode maximum tile size to 1000 pixels
• Made some tweaks to Google Photos integration (including updated logos)
• Updated Dropbox integration to support refresh tokens
• Fixed a few bugs and crashes - not worth boring you with the details (like the + button looking disabled when you clicked it)!

As always, if you encounter any problems or have any suggestions, please let me know!





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