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Kiwi For Gmail Now Offers M1 Functionality.

Kiwi for Gmail is leading the charge in e-mail clients offering M1 support and functionality. With this newest release, users will harness the full power and industry-leading efficiency of the Apple M1 build, to supercharge their Gmail and Google Workspace experience.

Now bridging the gap between the power of Microsoft Office - including Word, Excel, and Powerpoint - with the collaborative nature of Google Workspace (including Docs, Sheets and Slides), Kiwi for Gmail has become the default email and workspace client for professionals and freelancers all over the world.

Unlike Shift, Superhuman, and other email applications, Kiwi for Gmail offers a dynamic, familiar Google Interface to interact with this powerful tool in the same way you would in a browser. No learning curve to navigate here, just pure productivity.

Did you know?
Kiwi for Gmail has been named as a Top Performer for Productivity on the Mac App Store, G2, Capterra, and Software Advice?
Don't take our word for it, take a peek at some of our glowing five-star reviews and client testimonials that speak to the life-changing, time-saving, productivity hacking power of Kiwi.

Harnessing the power of a desktop application and the collaborative nature of cloud-workspaces, Kiwi for Gmail takes Gmail, Google Sheets, Google Slides, Google Docs, and Google Drive and makes them standalone desktop applications. No more fiddling between tabs in a browser. Break Free from Your Browser and Download Kiwi for Gmail Today.

Need More Reasons to Download Kiwi?

• Invest in Yourself and your Productivity Workflow - The primary benefit of Kiwi is it saves users time by making G Suite much more efficient to use and navigate.
• Get more done with far less cognitive load - 70% of users report saving 30 minutes to 1 hour daily.

• Partnered with Google - As a close Google partner, Kiwi has worked alongside Google to design Kiwi for users across hundreds of its large business clients as well as consumers in over 120 countries

• Designed for Multitasking - Take full advantage of your multiple monitors or expanded screen size with our unique multi-windowed environment, with each window tailored to the application

• Seamless Multiple Accounts - Access all your Gmail accounts in one place, always signed in, every time you launch

• Greater Security, Isolated from the Browser - Kiwi was architected around Gmail accounts, fully isolating all data of each account.

• Powerful Recent Documents - Far easier to get back to everything you were working on by opening recent documents from the File menu, across all Google accounts and all apps, in a powerful interface

• Restore Workspace - Get back to exactly where you left off by restoring your desktop each time you restart Kiwi or your computer

• Save Time with Global Shortcuts - Use global keyboard shortcuts to open a new email or calendar entry instantly, even when not in Kiwi

• Notifications - True desktop notifications, and control notifications per account

• Do Not Disturb - Rather than turning off notifications for everything in Windows, in Kiwi you can turn off notifications only for your email

• Gmail Offline - Perfectly pairs with Gmail’s offline feature across every account

• Contacts Pane - Streamlined Contacts interface to put all your contacts at your fingertips

• Plugin Support - Access popular third-party plugins like Grammarly and Boomerang


バージョン 3.5.0


ARM64 (M1) architecture support. Kiwi is now built universally for both Intel and ARM architectures, bringing native support to Apple’s M1 Chipset.


General improvements to stability and performance.


Fixed a couple of rare crashes that could occur.
Fixed an issue where the "Set Download Location:" Button would not allow a user to perform the action.
Fixed an issue where the unread count would become corrupt when opening up an email.
Fixed several issues with Notifications, where they would not fire, or not call the app when clicked.
Fixed an issue where the right-click context menu would not show up in some instances.
Fixed an issue where licensing would fail when changing networks (changing to a new one, disabling/enabling).





Google ドキュメントで日本語の表示位置がずれるけど

使い勝手は素晴らしい。ただ、Google ドキュメントで日本語が入力されているセルの表示位置がずれる場合があり、その部分は減点。


Googleスライドが最新のGoogle Driveアプリから開けない

Google Slides can no longer be opened from the latest Google Drive app. I would like this to be fixed.

Googleスライドが最新のGoogle Driveアプリから開けなくなっています。これは直してもらいたい。


バッヂ表示がない? 機能していない?

これが仕様なのか、バグなのかわかりませんが、App Storeの画像を見るとバッヂ表示があるので、表示されるべきなんだろうなと思います。
Preferences → Notificationのチェックは全てついていてもだめです。


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