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Larix Broadcaster allows streaming video and audio live content from mobile device for real-time remote contribution.
~ SRT streaming in Caller (Push), Listen, Rendezvous mode, libsrt v.1.5.3
~ SRT multipoint listener support
~ RTMP and RTSP streaming with SSL for RTMPS/RTSPS
~ WebRTC support via WHIP signaling
~ Zixi protocol support to deliver live streaming with full set of advanced transmission techniques, with AVC/HEVC codecs, SEI timestamps and Grove support.
~ NDI®|HX2 support: preview stream, Discovery Server, metadata setup, handle zoom from NDI Studio Monitor
~ RIST protocol streaming in Push mode: RIST Main and Simple profiles via librist v.0.2.7
Watch tutorial on connections
~ Multiple simultaneous connections support: add several connections profiles and choose any of them for parallel streaming.
~ Pause the stream: long tap on Start will pause the stream without disconnecting it, video track will contain a black screen, audio track will contain only silence.
~ Stand-by stream mode: when stream is stopped, long-tap to start a stream in pause mode with separate set of overlays.
~ Watch video tutorial on overlays, pause and stand-by:
~ Talkback for getting audio return feed via SRT, RTMP, Icecast and SLDP. Read more here:
~ UltraHD resolution support.
~ Dolby Vision HDR support (Settings / Video / HDR video menu)
~ Front and back cameras are supported with hot flip.
~ Landscape and portrait mode with live rotation.
~ Multi-camera capture with picture-in-picture and side-by-side on XR, XS and later devices.
~ Dual/Triple camera system support, including wide-angle and telephoto camera.
~ Center stage for iPads, enabled as described at
~ Autoexposure lock, white balance lock, manual color temperature in Quick settings.
~ Saving to MP4, making screenshots, iCloud support
~ Recording "Compatibility" option in case resulting file has black frames at preview.
~ Record with different parameters like larger resolution
~ Input audio gain control and source selection, Bluetooth audio
~ Audio-only capture support: disable preview, stream from background, no video in output stream. Use Audio menu to enable.
~ Pinch-to-zoom, all iPhone 11 cameras are used

USB cameras are supported on iPadOS 17

- H.264 encoding for all protocols including WebRTC
- HEVC/H.265 encoding for SRT, RTMP, RIST, RTSP
- AAC audio, except for WebRTC
- Opus audio for WebRTC

Insert SEI metadata into SRT, WebRTC, RTMP for NTP sync up, via Advanced menu.

Larix Premium via in-app subscription is required for some of the features

Larix Grove can be used for easy links distribution via deep links / QR codes.

Overlays support:
NEW! ~ GPS HTML overlays (Larix Premium)
~ Image layers
~ Text and HTML overlays
~ Date/time support in overlays as defined in Unicode LDML
~ Web widgets
~ Assign layers for all mode: streaming, pause and stand-by
~ Enable layers on-the-fly

~ Streams to any server like Nimble Streamer, Wowza, Red5, Flussonic etc.
~ Streams to vMix, OBS Studio and other desktop software
~ Streams to YouTube Live, Twitch,, Facebook Live, Dacast and other live services
~ Streams to Cloudflare Stream via SRT, WebRTC and RTMP

Watch video tutorial on overlays:

Adaptive bitrate (ABR) is available with logarithmic descend, ladder ascend, hybrid approach for SRT and variable FPS. It's disabled by default, check Video menu to use.

Join our public beta testing to get new updates among the first:
Full reference of docs regarding setup and usage:

Larix Broadcaster uses Apple’s Standard License Agreement (


バージョン 1.5.14

~ Added "External devices support" option for AudioEngine
~ Added format parameter for gps_heading() function, i.e gps_heading(tru, "d0º r8") for degree and 8-wind rose directions, gps_heading(mag, "r32") for 32-wind rose directions)





(Updated) Choppy SRT, no HTML overlay, great otherwise

This app works well and fluently in any resolution or protocol, and does its best to deal with drops of bandwidth. I wish it allowed Web page or HTML overlays in addition of the image overlays. Sadly, the frame rate is always choppy when transmitting via SRT and using HEVC. Going at 30 FPS looks like 12 or 15 FPS. (Tried other HEVC 30 FPS sources to the same SRT server, and it ran at 30 FPS without issues.)

Update 2021-07-04: As the developer promised, an update was pushed to solve issues in HEVC. Works flawlessly now. Thank you. Changed the rating from 4 to 5 stars.


We've just sent an update for Larix with HEVC bitrate limit to fix that behavior, just update the app once an update passes Apple review.



Using the app to broadcast children’s soccer game to YouTube.
The app works perfectly when you have decent cellular reception.
The newly added battery indicator really helps.

Is it possible to set camera resolution and streaming resolution separately?
I use the digital zoom a lot. Downscaling 4K to HD would help the image to get less pixelated.

Thank you!


Thank you for your review! Unfortunately you can choose only one resolution at the moment.


Web Widget layout issue with 1.2.16

I love this app and no concern except Web Widget layout.
Web widget H position is reverse left and right in streaming with version 1.2.16 of this App.

My iPhone 14 Pro Display shows web widget on left but appear on right in streaming.

Anyway, thank you for your frequent update and any new features.


Thanks for review! We're woring on fixing this.


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