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Collabora Office is an enterprise version of LibreOffice, the world’s most popular open-source office productivity suite.

Key features:

• Enterprise-hardened through relentless independent testing
• Backported key features from newer versions of LibreOffice
• Improved OOXML file support (.docx, .docm)
• Enterprise-wide: one office suite common to your entire environment

Core features:

• One app serving as a complete suite, does the work of six apps
• Includes advanced word processor, spreadsheet, and presentation software
• Reads and writes Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint files (including OOXML)
• More than 80 million users including governments and FTSE 500 companies
• Industry-leading support of Open Document Format, popular in public sector
• Unmatched compatibility with over 100 document and graphic formats supported
• User interface in over 40 languages
• Spelling dictionaries for over 40 languages
• Visio and Publisher document import and viewing
• Export of documents to PDF

Collabora Office 22.05 combines Collabora’s latest compatibility and document integrity features with a host of improvements from the LibreOffice community. Redesigned toolbars, menus, rulers, and dialogues make these powerful additions more attractive and efficient to use.


バージョン 22.05.6

This is the first update of Collabora Office 22.05 with bugfixes and new features.

Fixes and Improvements

• Chart data table is a feature of charts, that presents in the chart area a data table with the values that are visualised by the chart. The data table is positioned automatically at the bottom of the chart, and can for certain chart types replace the X-axis labels. Read more in Tomaž Vajngerl's blog:

• In Impress, color themes are supported now for shape fill color, in addition to the previously implemented theme support of shape text color. Read more in Miklos Vajna's blog:

• Writer now supports content controls: a new way to set properties on a piece of text, primarily for form filling purposes. This feature improves compatibility with the DOCX format. Plain text, rich text, checkbox, dropdown list, picture, and date picker are supported. For the interested reader more details can be found in Miklos Vajna's blog:,,

• All fixes from LibreOffice 7.3.6

• Add Persian spelling dictionary







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