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Teamwork Game Changers

• Keep everyone in the loop with real-time updates
• Contact the right people (call or @mention)
• See how your work fits into the big picture
• Sync with your favorite tools
• Quick setup & adoption

Manage for Success

• Know where things stand at a glance
• Track time and progress
• Visually analyze your data with multiple views
• Assign owners with ease
• See who’s working on what

Productivity Hacks

• Prioritize with custom notifications
• Automate repetitive work
• Access your work anytime, anywhere
• Get a head start with pre-made templates
• Sync data in real time
• Invite teammates to view your progress

So Customizable

• Pick a template & edit any section
• Add everything that needs to get done
• Organize it (drag & drop) and get started
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バージョン 3.36

Thanks for updating the app!

New in this version:
- Advanced Filters: You can now easily filter your boards and create visibility to what is important to you in a given moment.
- My Week is now showing more relevant items and is aligned with the web version to allow for consistency across both platforms.

- Localization issues
- Week Column - some weeks were calculated wrong

We're improving the experience in every release, so stay tuned to these changes to get the best value from our mobile app :)
We LOVE feedback, send yours to support@monday.com




Gaikokujin in Japan

Service great, app could be better

When there are multiple projects it takes way too long to scroll through all of them along the top. The interface could use a simple redesign both on the iPhone and the iPad to help make accessing information more efficient. It makes me want to change the way that I’m using the service just to make it easier to navigate on these mobile devices. It’s the one thing that keeps Monday from being the perfect tool for tracking projects both personally and in collaborative groups.


Thank you for your honest feedback, which we take seriously! We are going to be changing the UI of the boards on mobile soon. The groups will appear one on top of the other rather than horizontally, more like the desktop version, so watch this space! :) Glad you're enjoying using the platform besides this!



他のプロジェクトとタスクの管理を比較した上で、Monday comを選びました。



Thank you very much for the kind words, we're excited to hear that it helps you manage larger projects and has been simple to use!
Regarding the platform being available in Japanese - we don't have the platform in different languages yet mainly because it will be hard to keep them all updated (we roll out new features and improvements almost weekly!). You can, however, write pulses and updated, name boards in Japanese - only the Admin section and the skeleton on the platform is in English and should be quite intuitive.

モコモコ Jr.

Great service, but not functional on iPad

The service is very good on desktop browser. But UX on iPad is bad. When I accessed by web browser, only “Download mobile app” message showed and I could not use the service. Then I installed this app into iPad. But the app is not optimized to iPad screen size. Very wide one column user interface is not useful. Also this is not optimized to split view.

If I can access by iPad browser, the rating will be better. Because I can understand this app is for small device.


Thank you for providing this honest review. We don't support the browser on mobile or iPads since we provide the mobile app and want to focus our efforts on making this as optimized and easy to use as possible. We'd love to hear more about the issue you experience with the iPad screen - your feedback helps us to improve! Our mobile team would love to schedule some time with you. You can book a super short call to share your experiences here: https://calendly.com/mondaymobile/monday-com-mobile-talk/?month=2019-04


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