Passapp is the leading taxi-hiring service in Cambodia.

PassApp is a taxi booking service based in Phnom Penh, Cambodia. The application allows to book a cab, tuktuk, rickshaw with taximeter anytime we go for a flight to the airport or if we are running late for day job, or getting home late at night.. You are guaranteed to get there safely and always in time.

We provide transportation in Phnom Penh at affordable prices only. PassApp intends to work with professional local drivers, adhering to the highest industry standards. That is what makes us proud to be a leading cab service in Cambodia.

Hire taxi and get ride in Cambodia
PassApp is available 24/7. Our cab drivers use modern precise meter. Using the app you can hire:

All you need to do is to pick your destination, choose a delivery point and submit payments after the trip is done. As simple as that! Using our service will help you book a taxi in a matter of seconds and get a fast go to any destination of your choice.

Book taxi easily
To use PassApp, you should have an active mobile phone number at hand. When your account is approved, you can mark your pick-up location and choose service type. Once you have done a booking, the app will let you know when taxi driver arrives. After the payment is done, you will get the invoice with your trip details automatically sent to your inbox.

PassApp rates
We provide local taxi service at low prices. All tuktuk, rickshaw and cabs are owned by professional drivers who provide taxi service independently.

Additional services
- Got a planned trip and need to go fast to the airport to be in time for your flight? No worries! With advanced booking feature, you can pre-order taxi to arrive there at any time.
- Rest assured you will always have access to fair estimates of your arrival time each time you grab a taxi. Our taximeter cab and tuk tuk in Phnom Penh are always at your disposal.
- Rate your drivers helping us improve the quality and comfort of passengers rides.
- Monitor the progress of your car on local map: from pickup location to delivery point.
- Leaving notes to drivers before your taxi ride. This is especially convenient if you order a car for someone else or travel with pet wanting to warn your driver about it in advance.

We go hand in hand with technology. That’s why PassApp Cambodia always uses up-to-date software to improve your lifestyle. Our 24/7 pass app allows to grab a ride anywhere fast and easily.

Follow us
Email passapptaxis@gmail.com
Hotline: 086 515121 or 017515121
Facebook: https://web.facebook.com/passapptaxis/

Contact us
Please do not hesitate to contact us, if you have any questions or concerns about our service. We are always glad to help and we are excited to hear what you have to say about us. This will help us dramatically to enhance our Passapp and bring it to the next level.

We go above and beyond in delivering excellent taxi service for all our clients. Being a leader on Cambodian market, PassApp taxi has surpassed its competition and become the leading Tuktuk & Rickshaw Booking App. So grab your chance to experience joy and comfort of everyday taxi trips with our best-in-class application.


バージョン 0.24.0101-REFLECTION

• We were listening to you carefully. We had plenty of bugs fixed and stability improved because, well, it’s important. And we’re nice.





heat and battery issues being solved..

The program consumes a lot of battery, approximately 10-15% when, my iphone SE suffering from heat owing to it, I order a ride, find a nearest one and wait for it.
Suppose the program is improved in this regard and the amount of available vehicles increased in number, it may have left nothing to be desired!



運転手の質が悪い!! 乗った後で高い金額を請求する人がいます。アプリにもクレーム受け付けないし‼️


Needs update but overall great

It sometimes doesn’t work properly but overall very good, cheaper than Tuk Tuk


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