Polymer 4+

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Unlock the potential of your synths with Polymer, a Polyphonic Voice Distributor.

Polymer lets you play your monophonic synths together polyphonically, as if they're one giant mutant polysynth. And that's just the tip of the iceberg: you can alternate notes between different synths in monophonic sequences, layer pads and leads to create songs without leaving the keyboard, or experiment with the outer limits of modular paraphony.

Operating via MIDI, Polymer is compatible with almost any modern electronic instrument — modulars, samplers, polysynths, even virtual instruments through the OS X IAC Bus.

Polymer is an experimental utility that expands the horizons of your existing synth collection. You’ll never look at your studio the same way again.

  - Intuitive, animated UI clearly shows which voices are active as you play.
  - Works with MIDI-compatible keyboards and sound modules via USB-MIDI interface.
  - Compatible with soft synths that can be addressed through the OS X IAC bus.

  - Control up to 32 MIDI channels simultaneously, for 32-voice polyphony.
- Even combine polyphonic synths - supports multiple voices per MIDI channel.
  - MIDI Merge between unlimited MIDI input channels.
  - Velocity, Pitch Bend, and Mod Wheel data are transmitted automatically.
  - Forward, Backward, Ping-Pong and Random Direction options for choosing the next voice.
  - Supports Voice Stealing, allowing for continuous play regardless of available voices.
  - Two Algorithms for voice allocation: Static starts at the same voice each time, while Cycle alternates in round-robin fashion.

- A Mac running OS X 10.7 or later.
  - A USB-MIDI Interface & MIDI Cables.
  - Several MIDI-compatible hardware sound modules or keyboards.
  - A Master MIDI keyboard or sequencer. Can be hardware connected to your computer, or software-based through the IAC bus.


バージョン 1.1.1

NEW: Ping-Pong Direction Option. Allocates voices up, then down again. Many thanks to Polymer user Loopy C for the suggestion!

- Fixed an issue where after disabling a MIDI Output, the voices for those channels weren’t disabled under certain circumstances.
- Fixed an issue where holding notes in cycle mode would cause the current note to not be updated properly.


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