Designed by post-natal specialist, Jenny Burrell, for post-natal mothers this video-led coaching programme is designed for busy women and mothers everywhere to help recover and restore function in core and pelvic floor muscles using the Personal Power Plate.
With just 10 – 30 minutes on the Personal Power Plate, you can activate your core, rebuild strength safely, and reduce lower back pain that is often synonymous with being a new mother.
Women all over the world know that being a mother is a full-time job, and using the Personal Power Plate is a quick and highly effective way to keep feeling great every step of the way.
The gentle vibrations will increase blood flow to bring much needed oxygen and nutrients to your healing body without your having to jump around performing unsuitable exercises for your level of recovery.
The 12 week progamme progresses you through a set of exercises, movement, rest, stretches and releases to get you back into your body and feeling as energized and vital as possible.
The beauty of this programme is that for 12 weeks the exercises are progressed, so that every single week you will get stronger and stronger and of course you have the convenience of doing these workouts in your own home.


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