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"Remembering the Kanji" (Official flashcard and review app for the Heisig method) is a kanji learning App to complement the bestselling kanji books “Remembering the Kanji” (Volumes I, II & III), by Dr. James W. Heisig.
* Now updated for Edition 6 of Volume I.

For over 40 years, users have benefited from the highly effective Heisig Method for learning Japanese kanji. With this sole official “Remembering the Kanji” app, you now have review slides and flashcards for over 3,000 kanji available on your mobile device! This App is available only on the App Store!

Reviews for the Heisig Method:
***** “Fastest way to learn all 2000” — L.S. (Texas)
***** “A great gem in kanji learning” — Z.N.
***** “Fantastic for achieving literacy” — S.C. (Michigan)
***** “It's actually fun! And ‘fun’ matters!” — F.T.
***** “I'd recommend this for serious learners of Japanese” — E.H. (Illinois)

What is special about this App?
- It is portable, allowing for review anywhere, anytime, without the need for an internet connection.
- It is the first and only authorized "Remembering the Kanji" App.
- It is customizable to your needs and preferences.
- It has an easy-to-use interface.
- It is reasonably priced.

What this great App can help you with:
- Creating your own study lists and generating flashcards for you to review what you have learned — You’ll love the flashcards function!
- Saving notes for your own imaginative mnemonic stories for each kanji in "Remembering the Kanji" Volume I. Whenever you need to jog your memory to recall the story behind a kanji — refer to the App!
- Learning the stroke order of each and every kanji with fantastic animated diagrams!
- Practicing drawing each kanji with your finger on screen, and comparing your result with a written form of the kanji.
- Learning the readings (pronunciations) of each and every kanji in "Remembering the Kanji". Also, learn the readings of kanji combination words (jukugo).
- Reviewing each lesson for Volumes I, II & III of the "Remembering the Kanji" books with easy-to-use review slides.
- Looking up the meaning of primitive elements quickly.
- Looking up kanji by stroke number.
- Searching for key words and finding the kanji you want in an instant.

Take your kanji knowledge to the next level with this convenient and easy-to-use App!

Copyright Notice:
Kanji data is Copyright © 2013 James W. Heisig
KanjiVG data is Copyright © 2013 Ulrich Apel


バージョン 4.11

Here is the latest update:
- Fixed duplicated primitives for some Kanjis
- Fixed some Kanjis incorrect stroke count
- Fixed some Kanji's Kunyomi and Onyomi got swapped

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Poor flash card implementation.

The app is good except for the flash card implementation. The flash cards are the main I bought this app, but was disappointed. Reviews are not delayed. Meaning you can flash through the cards quickly without learning them. The kanji koohii website does a better job supporting the book on this front.


No stories!

I bought this app SO excited to have a mobile version of the book. (I own all three books). But after downloading I noticed there are NO stories included from the books! That was a huge disappointment. :(

janrey artajo

feature request

can you please add a feature to add a difficult kanji during flashcard mode to study list so we can separate kanjis that needs more reviewing, thanks


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