This game is bursting with learning! Your little ones will pop their way into a whimsical world to learn letter sounds, phonics, and new words! Compatible with the Square Panda Playset, children love playtime as they use Square Panda smart letters to hear letter sounds and spell out new words. The more letters the child puts in the Playset, the more bubbles they get to pop! As your child pops bubbles they hear phonemic sounds and discover what real words are hiding behind the world of bubbles!

Perfect for children learning: Concepts about print, the Alphabet, letter sounds, word construction, vocabulary comprehension, spelling and reading fluency

Phonics Benefits: Children learn that symbols correspond with specific phonemic sounds and when placed individually or together, create brand new sounds. These sounds tied-together have meaning and this meaning is the construct for the entire English language.

Pictures of children’s first words
Hundreds of phonemic sound reinforcements
Surprises behind every bubble pop!

The National Reading Panel recommends that children are taught phonemic awareness of individual sounds in words in this order: first, middle and last. When you find letters in Square Panda Bubbles, children learn the order letters are placed in words and important concepts about print language.

For ages 2-5.

Square Panda Playset required to play.


バージョン 2.8

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