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Valerijs Boguckis

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TextSniper is an easy-to-use desktop Mac OCR app that can extract and recognize any non-searchable and non-editable text on your Mac's screen. As an extra feature, it can turn OCR text into speech. It is a super convenient alternative to complicated optical character recognition tools.

The tool is intuitive to use and makes extracting text from your images, scanned paper documents, PDFs, or even videos easy. No training or special skills are required, and it fits perfectly home and business Mac users. Easily accessible from the menu bar whenever you need it and has a simple user interface.

If you have used a built-in Mac screen capture application before, it wouldn't be any trouble to work with TextSniper, too. Select with a mouse any part of an image, photo, PDF document, or anything on your screen, and the app will process and recognize any text within this selection. The text output will be saved into a clipboard so you can paste it into your favourite macOS text editing or note-taking software.

Finally, the app's optical character recognition engine doesn't need an internet connection to process documents. Great OCR solution for those who are concerned about privacy. The application does not collect any users' data.

Use Cases:
• Convert different image formats to text (JPEG, PNG, GIF, TIFF, BMP, etc.).
• Pull text from a non-searchable PDF file without a need to process the whole document.
• Read text from images, PDF documents, photos, Zoom meetings, or any other sources.
• Copy text even when it is uncopiable, like in ebooks or web articles.
• Quickly extract emails, links, phone numbers, etc.
• Grab text or turn it into speech in video games.
• Read QR or barcodes.
• Quickly generate alt text from the screenshot for tweets.

• On-device OCR technology. No internet connection is needed.
• Instant text recognition. No need to upload files into the application. OCR document or file on the fly.
• High accuracy and performance in processing any documents.
• Recognizes even tiny text on images with low-quality or dense background.
• Customizable. Custom keyboard shortcuts to extract text with various options.
• You can have TextSniper speak the recognized text whenever you need it.
• Supports optical character recognition in multiple languages: English, Spanish, French, German, Portuguese, Italian, Traditional and Simplified Chinese.
• Running macOS Ventura: All the above languages plus Ukrainian, Korean, Japanese and Russian.
• Running macOS Sonoma: All the above languages plus Thai and Vietnamese.
• Running macOS Catalina: English language only supported.
• Use your iPad or iPhone camera to capture text from a photo or scanned document quickly.
• Fully compatible with macOS Sonoma and optimised for Apple's M1-M2 chips.


バージョン 1.10.1

• Added support for vertical text recognition in Japanese, Chinese, and Korean languages on macOS Sonoma. Make sure to set the primary text recognition language to one of these languages in TextSniper settings to recognize vertical text.
• Other minor fixes and performance improvements.

If you enjoy using TextSniper, please consider writing a review and sharing your experience. Follow us @TextSniperApp on X or contact us at support@textsniper.app if you have any questions, feedback or ideas.











こんにちは。誤解を招いたことをお詫びいたします。TextSniperはmacOS Venturaで日本語をサポートしています。macOSとTextSniperを最新版にアップグレードし、TextSniperの環境設定->一般タブを開き、第一認識言語を日本語に設定してください。この場合、TextSniperは日本語と英語を同時に認識します。追伸:macOS VenturaでTextSniperを試した後、あなたの感想とアプリの評価を変えることを検討していただければ幸いです。本当にありがとうございました。Hello! We apologise for the misunderstanding. TextSniper supports the Japanese language under macOS Ventura. Please upgrade your macOS and TextSniper to the latest version, open TextSniper Preferences->General Tab and set your Primary recognition language to Japanese. In this case, TextSniper will recognise Japanese and English simultaneously. P.S. We hope that after trying TextSniper on macOS Ventura, you will consider changing your thoughts and app rating. Thank you so much!



I wish Japanese character scanning capability would be added soon.


Hello! We are happy to inform you that TextSniper now supports the Japanese language under macOS Ventura. Please upgrade your macOS to the latest version, open TextSniper Preferences and set your Primary recognition language to Japanese. P.S. We hope that after trying TextSniper on macOS Ventura, you will consider changing your thoughts and app rating. Thank you!


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