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What if you could view your music statistics anywhere, at any time? Introducing TuneTrack, the first application that enables you to do so for multiple music services.

Gone are the days where you need to impatiently wait until the end of the year to see which artists and songs you listened to the most. With TuneTrack, you can get that data on-demand at any time with the click of a button! TuneTrack gives you access to statistics like top tracks and top artists with numerous ways to filter, such as time period and release date, with support for some of the most popular music platforms like Apple Music, Spotify, and Last.fm. TuneTrack comes with a multitude of additional features, including, but not limited to:

• Advanced filtering: Spotify and Last.fm statistics come with filters such as time period and artists/tracks/albums, so you can get precise data for any media at any time period! Apple Music statistics have even more precise filtering, with filters such as Date Added to Library, Last Played, and more.

• One-tap playlists: With the press of a button, you can create a playlist of your top tracks and share it with friends.

• Sharing data: Want to share your top tracks or artists, but you don't want to create a playlist? Fear not, as TuneTrack has a share button that lets you export your top artists, tracks, or albums in text format!

• Now Playing Widgets: TuneTrack comes with support for the latest iOS features, including widgets! You can choose between gorgeous widgets for Spotify and the Music app to display and control playback of your currently playing song.

• Customization: TuneTrack comes built-in with configurable themes and app icons, so you can truly personalize the app to your fitting.

• TuneTrack Premium: TuneTrack also comes with a premium feature, which gives you access to added benefits such as complete widget customization for iOS 14, extra themes/icons for the app, and much more!

What are you waiting for? Download TuneTrack today and learn more about your music habits than you ever have before!


バージョン 1.0.6

Thanks for using TuneTrack! Version 1.0.6 comes with a host of new features and bug fixes, including:

- Added medium-sized widgets! These gorgeous new widgets span an entire row of the device, and come with automatic playback controls that you can use to skip, rewind, and play/pause your music! The medium widget also comes with a refresh button at the bottom right that you can use to update the currently playing song instantly, without having to go into the app.

- Image backgrounds! All TuneTrack Premium users can now set the widget background for every single widget. Personally, I'd recommend setting the background using one of the clear widget apps to get a screenshot, because it looks like TuneTrack's controls are floating!

- Finer customization! You can control the color of the new playback and refresh buttons for the medium widgets, as well as make the album art image squared off instead of rounded if you have TuneTrack Premium. The album art image outline from prior versions has also been removed, as it was unnecessary for the widget.

- Added an option in settings to always show the last played song on the widget.

- And more!





Widget not refresh.

I like this app.
This app is problem have widget goes away refresh half way through.
The first is not problem. After use some time(about half a day) I touched refresh button, but not refresh widget music artwork and name.
This problem is not solve up to restart iPhone.
Please solve this problem.

By the way, is it possible to widget refreshed interval short?

iPhone12,iOS 14.4




開くと固まって使えない/When I open it, it freezes and I can't use it.


I can't use the app because it freezes when I open it and I can't log in or do anything. It's a good app, please fix it!
This text has been translated by deepl translation
It's fixed now, thank you very much!
Keep up the good work on the app!



I really like it! But i have a request..
Can you make a alarm where the music stops when it hits the time? Because i wanna listen to music while im sleeping but i don’t wanna leave it for too long, so i wanted it to have a timer thing for people like me!!


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