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Typeface is a beautiful font manager that helps you pick the perfect font for your designs. Effortlessly organize your library with flexible tags and improve your design workflow by visually browsing through live font previews.

Good typography is one of the most important aspects of design, but finding the font that conveys just the right emotion can be a difficult task—especially if you're not sure yet what you're looking for. With a minimal interface and total focus on your fonts Typeface makes choosing fonts a delightful experience

Free limited trial. One time in-app purchase to unlock all features. No subscription, yours forever.

• Perfectly rendered previews
• Live customization of preview text & size
• Intuitive & minimal UI that doesn't distract
• Light & Dark theme for day and night

• Easy to use & flexible tagging system (combine, subtract, invert & nest)
• Powerful search & filters (weight, width, x-height, figure styles, OpenType feature support, variable fonts, color fonts, file types, manufacturer and more)
• Smart sidebar (auto collapse, tag highlight, drag & drop)
• In-place font activation & deactivation [PRO]

• Collect font candidates using the Quick Collection
• Review & refine your selection
• Switch fonts in leading design apps directly from the app [PRO]
• Export a PDF to share with colleagues and clients

• View unicode character support [PRO]
• Preview full body text layouts [PRO]
• Inspect OpenType font features [PRO]
• Get detailed font info

• 2000+ free fonts from the Google Fonts catalog
• Support for ttf, otf, dfont, ttc, woff and PostScript Type 1 font suitcase
• Auto synchronization of imported directories [PRO]
• Temporary font activation [PRO]
• Group fonts by family
• Filter fonts by characters
• Auto font style classification
• Adjust letter s p a c i n g
• Left/right/center alignment
• Metrics overlay
• Advanced OpenType support [PRO]
• Variable fonts tuning [PRO]
• Import Font Book collections
• Dynamic previews
• Export & Import tags
• Convenient keyboard shortcuts
• Import Adobe fonts
• Auto activation [PRO]
• Tagged and Untagged meta-tags
• Background mode
• Font context info [PRO]
• Quick multi tagging [PRO]
• Find & remove duplicate fonts [PRO]
• Compare fonts using A/B font overlays


The Typeface free download provides limited functionality to try out the app. Get PRO to unlock all these features:

• Persistent & temporary font activation
• Font characters overview
• Body text layout previews
• OpenType feature inspection
• Font Switch
• Family Editor
• Temporary font activation
• Variable fonts tuning
• Find & remove duplicate fonts
• Quick tagging
• Advanced filters
• Font context info
• Import font files and directories
+ All PRO features released in upcoming 12 months

One time purchase. No subscription.


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バージョン 3.6.0

Don’t you hate it when you’re neatly organising your font library only to discover that some fonts are not properly grouped into the correct family? Separate font variants (regular/bold/italic) may each show up as separate families. Or maybe you have multiple foundry versions of the same typeface, and you need to be able to choose which specific family to activate.

The all new Family Editor allows you to fix all these family problems! You can dive in there and batch adjust the family of each individual font. Or use the smart suggestions feature to quickly apply automatically suggested family merges and splits.

Note: the font files that contain the actual family information are not touched. That means that family changes are only visible in Typeface, not in other apps.

But that’s certainly not all: there are multiple improvements to the Duplicates Finder, including the ability to select duplicates by folder. And Typeface is now fully translated to German by Karsten Müller — Viel Spaß!

• Family Editor — Merge and split font families
• Added right click family context submenu, which allows you to edit a family and view all current family members
• Added File > Manage Families, to manage all font families in your library
• View and apply automatic family split and merge suggestions, based on your currently imported font locations
• Added German localization
• Select duplicates by imported location in the Duplicates panel
• Right click on a path component in the Duplicates panel to automatically select duplicates by subfolder
• Right click on a duplicate header to auto select duplicates for that particular name only
• Added Typeface backup file extension, open directly from Finder
• Backup and restore modified families

• Added keyboard navigation in Duplicates Finder
• Double click or Command click to select a duplicate for removal in Duplicate Finder
• Show font file location relative to imported location when clicking on the location tag in Duplicates Finder (hold down Option to show full path)
• Double click on a subfolder in the Duplicates panel to reveal that subfolder in Finder
• Show full path for fonts located in special macOS CloudStorage folder used by cloud syncing apps
• Headers in context menus are bolder to make them visually different from unavailable menu items
• Reduced memory usage for Intro and In-App Purchase panels
• Show characters from Unicode supplementary private use area (0xF0000+)
• Show permanent Typeface menu item in window menu to reopen main window when closed

• Prevent crash when removing an already removed tag from the Multi Attach panel
• Don't automatically try to select a tag if it's not available yet after renaming in the sidebar
• Prevent crash when inspecting OpenType features for font with corrupt ligature table
• Allow reverting preferred font activation setting back to 'persistent' when using legacy Typeface 2 license
• Correctly handle license registration when trying to register the currently registered license
• Prevent crash when multiple exact duplicates are found for the same PostScript name
• Retina rendering of icons when switching from non-retina to retina screen









OSX Catalina環境、InDesign2020やIllustrator2020でも問題なく使用フォントの自動アクティベートできてます。


Make sure your fonts are located outside of the system font directories (~/Library/Fonts). Fonts located in that directory are automatically activated by macOS. For more info see: https://typefaceapp.com/help/articles/activation
(auto translate): フォントがシステムフォントディレクトリ(〜/ Library / Fonts)の外側にあることを確認してください。 そのディレクトリにあるフォントはmacOSによって自動的に起動されます。 詳しくはこちらをご覧ください。https://typefaceapp.com/help/articles/activation


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