VizRef Lite® for iPhone enables creatives to finally take their inspiration anywhere on their phones. *You can not use iPad multitasking features with the iPhone version of VizRef. Please Download VIZREF for use on iPad. * It becomes the perfect companion app for Procreate or paired with your favorite drawing/animation application by using your iPhone as a second monitor dedicated to references. Take your reference boards with you while you travel and draw in your sketchbook. Make visual reference boards with any images or gifs from web browsers, cloud storage, photos, screen captures and more. The first mood board creation app made by artists for artists, that brings comprehensive referencing tools to animators and visual artists. We are dedicated to bringing creatives what they need most in being inspired everywhere they go.


-VIZREF LITE® version for iPhone has all the same in-app features as VIZREF on iPad ( Vizref Lite if used on IPad does not have multitasking features and is not fullscreen. For iPad please purchase VIZREF®
-Take your visual reference boards with you while you sketch at your favorite locations
-Perfect companion app paired with Procreate® Adobe Fresco ® Clip Studio Paint® Infinite Painter® etc. by utilizing iPhone as a second monitor along with an iPad
-Supports many image types including GIF
-Quickly copy and paste images from web
-Batch Import from Photos app
-*Multi-Select and auto pack images for a quicker workflow *
-Import from iCloud, Dropbox, Google Drive
-Quick and responsive visual reference board experience
-Easy to use/ minimal UI
-Light mode and Dark mode
-Set thumbnails for reference boards to visually organize your inspiration

-Reference your favorite animated gifs
-Pause animation and play frame by frame to better understand referenced animations
-Advanced animation timeline gives you an interactive visual breakdown of all frames

-Crop images to optimize screen space and view more references
-Greyscale toggle for images for value reference
-Flip horizontally and vertically
-Copy-paste images into other apps

Artwork and animation credits


VizRef was created by Max Gonzalez and RoboWorld Entertainment with supporting development from Valere Labs


バージョン 1.1

-Multiselect along with * auto pack selected images have been added! This is one of the most requested features so far from the community. Our pack tool is version 1.0 and we would love to get your feedback on it.
To use simply click and hold away from images to invoke a marquee tool. Drag select and press the auto pack button located in the image toolbar. Currently, it neatly packs all selected images by averaging the heights while trying to maintain images in order of how they are arranged already. This means Pack will attempt to keep adjacent images close to one another instead of randomizing their order. We will most likely add options to how images are packed in the future.

- *Multi-select improvements. *Click and hold away from images to invoke lasso multi-select marquee. *
-Boards now draw overlapping images in the correct order after closing and reopening your board.
- Multi-select was causing images to draw in the wrong order. ( Resolved)
- All thumbnails remain square in every view mode in the gallery. They were previously changing to incorrect sizes.
-Fixed a bug that caused cropped images to disappear and crash the app
- Fixed a bug that caused crop, flip, and scale to disrupt image orientation
- Fixed animation playback speed for the new Gen of iPad Pros.
- Crashes Resolved. There were several crashes involving importing images. We have gone through every crash log and fixed every bug related to crashes that had logs.

* a small number of users were experiencing a bug that caused them to get a low memory message in their first boards when the boards were relatively empty. We believe that this was a memory crash error and that we have resolved all the bugs related to this issue. We have not however been able to reproduce this bug internally. If you are still experiencing this error that causes a low memory pop up in an empty board, * please contact us directly at vizrefpro@gmail.com * so we can ensure we fully resolve the issue.

We are listening to all feedback for requested features. Please look forward to free updates in the future of more great tools for referencing your favorite inspirational images.

Thank you all so much for the support!





Studio Pixanoh Inc

iOS 13.2以降。iPhone、iPad、およびiPod touchに対応。





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