It is a platform in which users can get personalized gum care and be connected with their dentists by using the world’s first vacuum gum care device, Vumblr.

Use Vumblr App, a vacuum gum care platform, to take good care of your gums!

Vumblr, the world’s first vacuum gum care device
Vumbpr App, a personalized gum care platform
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[Main features of Vumblr App]
- Automatically scans gum condition
- Provides 3-D information on the location and severity of gum inflammation.
- Gives personalized gum care guides
- Analyzes gum condition over time
- Can designate a dental clinic in which the user wants to share his or her gum information.
- A real-time exchange between patients and dentists regarding patients’ gum condition.
- Applied the principle of cupping.
Massage effects and muscle relaxation
Improving blood circulation
Eliminating harmful substances and foreign substances
- Applied NPWT (Negative-Pressure Wound Therapy) concept
Applied NPWT concept that is used to treat diabetic ulcers.
Vacuum Pressure promotes antibody formation and blood circulation of gum tissues and heals gum by increasing VEGF (Vascular endothelial growth factor)

[Required Access Authority]
1. WI-Fi: Check your app network connection
2. Storage: Map data, upload and download Vumblr Mouthpiece pictures
3. Camera: Used when scanning the mouthpiece and taking profile picture.

[Optional access authority]
* You can use the service even if you do not agree with the optional access authority.
1. Location: Based on location to find a surrounding dental clinic
2. Phone: Calling the Dental Clinic

Changes to authority permissions can be made in Mobile Phone Settings -> Application Management -> Vumblr -> App Permission.

[Dr.Pik Company Introduction]
Dr.Pik is a develops and manufactures the world’s first vacuum oral care devices that help massage gum and clean teeth with specially designed mouthpiece where oral anatomy, hydrodynamics, and material engineering theories are combined.
The technology was made to help the most vulnerable, such as children, patients with limited mobility, the weak and old, maintain dental hygiene. However, it is gearing toward providing a new paradigm of gum health management for the general public.
In addition, Dr.Pik will lead the way to improve the quality of people’s lives by researching and sharing the link between various systemic diseases and gum diseases.

Contact us: app@drpik.com
Affiliation request: drpik@drpik.com


バージョン 1.0.5

fixed a bug on translating.


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