X Drummer is the ultimate drum production tool for guitarists, songwriters and mobile musicians. Start your musical journey by playing a simple riff on your guitar - X Drummer listens in real-time, searching for a matching drum performance based on the tempo and feel of your riff. The extensive groove library offers detailed realism, encompassing the subtle nuances of a real drummer and delivering realistic drum performances - not just generic backing tracks.

Record your musical ideas into X Drummer and take them along with you, whether you’re at home, on the road or in the studio. Then utilize the simple-yet-robust drum editor to fine-tune your drum grooves and further personalize your song.

Easily create a drum track
- “Play To Find” instantly listens and searches for a drum track that meshes with your guitar riff
- X Drummer can use an audio interface or the built-in mic on your iPad to hear and analyze your riff
- Get started quickly by using any of the 60+ pre-made drum tracks available
- Swap out different drum kits on the fly to instantly audition your existing groove with new sounds

Browse the entire collection
- Apply Quick Filter to search for the exact groove that you want
- Build your drum track from scratch using one or more of the 380+ patterns available in the library
- Audition each pattern or an entire drum track using X Drummer’s simple controls
- Instantly add patterns and drum tracks to the Song Editor

Personalize your song idea
- Use Inter-App Audio to record your riff by incorporating other musical instrument applications
- Song Editor lets you edit drum patterns by changing hit articulations, notations, and the leading hand
- Use any of the 5 available dynamic presets to get the groove that you’re looking for
- Export your song as MIDI or an audio file to other music apps, via Open In, email or Dropbox

Build and customize your drum kit
- Quickly build your own drum kit from the 7 built-in drum sets (Funk, Pop Rock, Cocktail, Country, Metal, Studio and Vintage)
- Swap out each drum and cymbal to build a kit that matches the needs of your song perfectly
- Further customize your kit by changing the drumhead, dampening devices, pitch, and more
- Personalize the look of your kit by applying different finishes and changing hardware fittings

Feature Highlights:
- 7 studio-quality vintage and modern drum kits
- 5 additional drum kits available for purchase (80s Rock, Modern FX, Jazz, Progressive Metal, Indie Rock)
- 240 MIDI grooves available for purchase (80s Pop, Classic Rock, Heavy Metal)
- Build your own signature drum kits and apply them to your drum track on the fly for instant results
- Drum preset system to save and recall favorite drums
- Simple and intuitive filter system for easy navigation within the grooves library
- Inter-App Audio support
- Audiobus support
- Background audio mode
- Export your song as MIDI or an audio file (via Dropbox or Mail)
- Optimized for retina display

What’s New in Version 1.5
- Completely redesigned user interface for better workflow – new Song Editor, transport controls, Browser, Play to Find, and more.
- The groove library has been expanded to 380+ realistic drum performances.
- New drum kit preset management lets users quickly save and recall custom drum kits.
- Improved Play to Find engine for more accurate and faster analysis.
- New filter options allow quicker navigation within the MIDI groove library.
- Recorder feature allows users to overdub guitar riffs on top of the backing drum track.
- 5 new drum kits (80s Rock, Modern FX, Jazz, Progressive Metal and Indie Rock) available as in-app purchases.
- 3 MIDI groove packs (80s Pop, Classic Rock and Heavy Metal) available via in-app purchase.
- Inter-App Audio and Audiobus support (full integration with BIAS FX, BIAS Amp, BIAS Pedal, and JamUp).
- Export audio and drum tracks via Email or Dropbox.


バージョン 1.5.12

This release brings the following updates:

- Hit articulation options will now appear correctly in the Fine-Tune menu
- Various minor fixes and performance improvements





App down

My iPad mini4 app down. This application was used normally. After updating to iOS 11.2.6, this application is down.
If you do not upload this application, please refund it. As I like the positive grid, it is a very sad correspondence.

2018/03/04現在、iPad mini4(128G中77.6GB使用可能)ですが全くアプリが起動せず落ちてしまいます。


Hi, we regret to hear of the problem that you've been experiencing. Please send us a help request (https://help.positivegrid.com/hc/en-us/requests/new) and our agents will help you troubleshoot the issue. Thank you for your understanding.

Pcelica Maya

Drum kits are 250$ each or is this bug?

I bought Bias FX and Amps, also JamUp, with all possible plugins but looks like but on store as I can’t believe that drum pack is 250$ each?

Please fix issue and 3 stars will become 5



I love this app
I need one help
1 Can this app play “drum notation tap” like guitar pro app does⁇
2 Is it possible for this app to pick up all drum patterns from any songs so that I can get drum backing tracks for guitar covers

I want this features in near future . I hope positive grid will make my dreams come true.


Positive Grid Inc

iOS 10.0以降。iPad対応。



  1. 80s Rock ¥490
  2. Modern FX ¥490
  3. Jazz ¥490


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