XPad is a professional sound module app with focus on modern pad sounds for iPad. Goal was to get the warm and vibrant sound of analogue synths onto the convenient platform of an iPad and combining those sounds with the benefits of state of the art digital features while still preserving that analogue tone and feeling.


XPad introduces a new way that we were developing for our apps to achieve realistic large interval Glissando, which means you can glide a tone continuously e.g. from the lowest octave up to the highest octave and vice versa, in any desirable speed and without causing an artificial impression to the listener. We were also thinking about how to improve the usability aspects for playing Glissando in a much more intuitive & convenient way for a keyboard player, while still preserving the player's full control. Foremost this app allows you to mix Glissando with regular polyphonic notes (e.g. chords) simultaneously or switch between these playing styles quickly at any time without leaving your hands off the keyboard. So for instance you might be playing and holding a chord with your right hand while playing a Glissando slide with your left hand and punching through the right hand's chord from an octave lower than the chord, up to some octave higher than the chord.

Tone Width

Replicating some analogue boutique pad synthesizers is nice, but what about having a huge stack of them? That's where "Tone Width" control comes into play.

Especially the important pad sounds of this app allow you to morph the sound with the "Tone Width" knob in real-time steplessly between a very thin and clean sound up to a huge and fat tonal sound as if an army of pad synths was working under your finger tips.

Sensible Control

Controls for the individual sound aspects is good. But it should be in a sensible way. Nothing is hard wired here. Every sound of this app presents controls that make sense for the individual sound. All the controls presented are always fine tuned to the individual elements of that sound.

You can alter all controls remotely by MIDI e.g. with sliders at your keyboard. The most important controls for each sound are mapped to things that you are most likely using anyway at your keyboard. For instance all sounds use the Aftertouch information of your keyboard to bring more dynamic behaviour into the sound even while just holding some notes. And just grab your modulation wheel at your keyboard to bring in some more variance.

Never Lost

XPad offers up to 462 sounds, but don't worry, it never lets you down and always assists you finding just the sound you need in a glimpse. You can quickly search for sounds with any combination of several criteria like sound characteristics, articulations, controls and more.


Like all our apps, XPad is very easy to use and start with. Just connect your keyboard with your iPad and you are ready to go.

And of course if needed, you can simply tweak the setup, e.g. use a Bluetooth MIDI wireless connection to your keyboard instead of a cabled one, restrict MIDI input to certain devices or apps, connect to other apps with Inter-App Audio or use the sounds of this app as Audio Unit v3 plugin directly in the DAW app of your choice.


The app comes with a built-in MIDI recorder that allows you to quickly record your musical ideas. You can share them as audio files with other people or transfer them as MIDI files for further work e.g. on your Mac.

Sound Sets

XPad is divided into 14 optional sound sets of different sound categories and provide up to 462 sounds in total. Even though the app is focused on pad sounds, this is not all this app has to offer sound-wise. The "Atmo" pack for instance contains atmospheric sounds for generating very emotional sound bases and backgrounds e.g. for film and entertainment. The "Perc" sound set contains drums and percussive sounds. The "Silicon" sound set covers synthesizers also offside the pad field, and much more.


バージョン 1.0.2

This update provides several improvements and corrections, mostly concerning sound set downloads. This update is recommended for people having encountered IAP download issues before.

• Fixes several sound set download issues triggered under certain conditions (especially under unreliable Internet connection conditions).
• The individual download status messages are now displayed in more detail on the "Optional Sound Sets" screen.
• For active sound set downloads a progress bar and an estimated download time are now shown on the "Optional Sound Sets" popup to let you know how long the respective download will approximately take to complete according to the current download speed.
• There is now an "Update/Restore All" button on the "Optional Sound Sets" popup which allows you to restore your previously purchased sound sets more quickly than before.
• On indication that free SSD storage space might not be sufficient to complete downloading a sound set, the download is now started nevertheless while showing you a message box about this circumstance. This way you are able to check and if needed free some SSD storage space while the download is already running, therefore reducing the overall waiting time for the sound set to complete.
• Fixes some minor graphical glitches.


Space Sound Set
Pads from outer space (42 Sounds, 6.3 GB)
Atmo Sound Set
Atmospheric, Thrilling (46 sounds, 3.9 GB)
Nature Sound Set
Almost Organic, 100% Vegan (42 Sounds, 4.4GB)
Silicon Sound Set
Diodes, Tubes, Transistors (38 Sounds, 5.1GB)
Vintage Sound Set
Classics with Impact (27 Sounds, 3.5 GB)
Sequence Sound Set
Infinity Loop (45 Sounds, 4.6 GB)


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