App your way through Bali

Explore the island’s beaches and beyond.

The Last Paradise… There are no better words to describe Bali. A rich culture permeates all aspects of life on the island, making it the ultimate destination for travellers searching for holiday experiences that will become treasured memories for a lifetime.

The Indonesian island is famous for its exquisite beaches, surf spots and temples – but it’s also a place for people to reconnect with nature, and, perhaps, with themselves. From dusk till dawn, there are plenty of ways to fully experience what Bali has to offer. But here’s a reminder before you depart for this paradise – pack the right apps to make the most of every second!

Shops and restaurants

Seminyak is popular among tourists for good reasons. This mostly residential area boasts many restaurants, cafés, bars and shops that will spoil anyone who visits. Explore Legian Road with your device and use these apps to guide you to the best spots, translate the local language for you and snap some beautiful night shots.

    オフラインのマップ、GPS ナビゲーション:MAPS.ME

    オフライン 地 図, ナビ, ドライブルート


    nemo インドネシア語



    Slow Shutter Cam



Hiking and outdoors

Located in Kintamani, north of Bali, Mount Batur is the place for hiking enthusiasts. Typically, people visit the volcano early in the morning to see the breathtaking sunrise, so be prepared for a long day. It can take just over two hours to drive there from areas such as Kuta or Seminyak and it’s another couple of hours of walking to reach Mount Batur’s peak.

After the hike, there are lots of cool activities to keep you happily occupied. To help you make the most of your time, use these apps to plan and book the entire day. And make sure you’ve downloaded a manual camera app to capture the sunrise or sunset in all its glory. When heading back, check the traffic ahead for a hassle-free journey.

    KKday: 世界中の現地ツアー/チケット/WiFi等を予約



    KLOOK 旅先体験&現地ツアー予約アプリ

    海外の人気観光地やグルメ, 旅行で役立つアイテムを簡単に検索


    Halide - RAW撮影ができる手動カメラ



    Waze カーナビ & 交通情報




The classic surf spots in the south of Bali have been making waves since the ’70s and continue to attract both casual and seasoned surfers.

Find your ideal location among the six surfing areas in Uluwatu by chatting to local guides. Before you grab your board, it’s a good idea to check the surf report and the weather conditions, and once you arrive, don’t forget to capture epic videos of those breakers.

    EPIC - Surf Report & Forecast



    WINDY: 天気予報 - 風予報、風速

    天気予報 - 防災速報. 潮見表


    Moment - Pro Camera