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Fine - Photo Editor

Vintage Filters & Stickers


For every photographer, simple all-in-one photo editing is an appealing prospect. But a photo editor that also brings a touch of professional dynamism to your pictures, well, even more so. Fine does just that thanks to an abundance of easy-to-use tools such as DSLR-like bokeh effects and automatic filters, as well as manual adjustment capabilities. While you can do just about anything in this app to truly showcase the magic of your Camera Roll, we’ve picked three standout features to get you started.

Twice the exposure

There’s a lot that can be achieved with double exposure. In addition to a simple overlay, Fine has 20 different blending modes such as Vivid Light and Reflect. The best way to discover which works in harmony with your shot is to give each one a try, you’re sure to find something that grabs you. And it’s as easy as applying a filter; just select the diamond-shaped icon on the bottom toolbar, then tap the first option for Double Exposure. Once you choose your photo, tap Blend to play around with the different effects.

The vintage effect

Many of us will wistfully recall the charm of old photos that’s been eclipsed in the era of digital photography.

But Fine lets you embrace that nostalgia with Light Leak texture overlays and added grain (found in the filter list) to produce that classy vintage feel. Preview how they look, then pan, reshape or rotate to get the texture you’re yearning for.

Reveal your true colours

Oftentimes, taking a photo on your phone doesn’t quite produce the level of brightness you were hoping for. And while many apps offer global colour adjustments, these can result in fixing one area, while sacrificing another.

Yet Fine might just have the perfect mechanism to strike the right tone: its powerful Colour Balance feature found in the Advanced menu. Separately, you can adjust areas of brightness (Highlights), areas of darkness (Shadows) and shades of grey (Midtones) by fine-tuning each area’s red, green and blue channels.

So, if you think the red hues in your picture need a little more pizzazz, intensify them under the Highlight heading towards R. And to take those same highlights to a level of subtle cool, increase the dial to cyan C.

As an added bonus, you can store all your favourite settings under Save as Preset from the drop-down menu in the top-right corner; so when you hit your photo editing sweet spot, you know exactly where to find it next time.

    Fine - Photo Editor

    Vintage Filters & Stickers